Tea Protocol ($TEA) Airdrop – Claim Free Token Now

Tea is a decentralized protocol that is protected by incentives and goodwill. Tea makes the software supply chain more sustainable and transparent by enabling open-source authors to profit from their work without having to rely on third parties.

Leading investors including Binance and Woodstock Fund have contributed a total of $16.90 million to tea, and the company has stated that it will issue the “TEA” token. In addition to confirming that they will airdrop TEA tokens to testnet users based on their point total, they have launched an incentive-based testnet campaign where users can earn points for completing testnet tasks.

Status: Airdrop confirmed

Easy-to-follow Guide

  • Go to the testnet page for tea.
  • Register using a Microsoft, GitHub, or Google account.
  • You are going to receive 100 points.
  • 10,000 testnet tokens will also be automatically awarded to you.
  • To receive an additional 250 points, go to your profile and connect your GitHub account.
  • To increase your point total, finish the extra assignments as well.
  • There will be more testnet challenges where participants can increase their point total.
  • With the statement, “Testnet points are planned to become redeemable by eligible persons for blockchain tokens and/or other benefits at a later time,” they have stated that they will be airdropping TEA tokens to testnet users.