Step-by-Step Guide on How to Claim Solayer Airdrop


On Solana, Solayer is constructing the native restaking network. Application developers can achieve more consensus and block space customization using Solayer’s decentralized cloud architecture, which is backed by its superior execution and economic security.

Users can now deposit money into Epoch 1 accounts on Solayer. Although they do not yet have a token of their own, it is quite likely that users who register and make a token deposit will receive an airdrop when their token becomes operational.

Step-by-step Guide:

  • Go to the Solayer webpage.
  • Link the Solana Wallet.
  • Link your X and Discord accounts.
  • Deposit the INF, bSOL, JitoSOL, mSOL, and SOL tokens now.
  • Withdrawals are not possible prior to Epoch 3.
  • Invite your friends and share your code.
  • The second epoch will launch on June 18.
  • The first episode will air soon and conclude on July 4th. To receive hidden gems for hitting significant milestones, users must fulfill at least three of the following six requirements: Use all invite codes, deposit for at least three epochs, participate in epoch 0, deposit in any other pool, and deposit at least five native SOL.
  • Although they don’t currently have one, they may do so in the future. If a user’s token goes live, they will probably be qualified for an airdrop if they have accumulated deposit tokens.
    Please be aware that there is no assurance they will introduce their own token or do an airdrop. That’s just conjecture.
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