Aethir ($AETHIR) Airdrop Comprehensive Guide

Aethir airdrop

Aethir is an infrastructure platform for cloud computing that is revolutionizing the paradigms of ownership, distribution, and utilization for enterprise-grade GPUs (graphic processing units). In order to serve enterprise applications and clients from a variety of sectors and geographical areas, they have implemented a competitive and scalable framework for sharing dispersed computational resources.

Aethir is giving away free ATH tokens to anybody who take part in its airdrop. To receive free airdrop, visit the airdrop page and gather free badges. The airdrop will increase in size as you gain more badges. To get extra points, take part in their Galxe tasks as well.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Go to the airdrop page for Aethir.
  • Link your pocketbook.
  • Now begin earning badges on the airdrop page by doing different actions.
  • Users can earn task badges in addition to community badges.
  • Community badges can be obtained by holding the community token or by taking part in events that are exclusive to your community.
  • Task badges can also be obtained through the completion of certain tasks, such as Galxe quests.
  • The Galxe badge requires a minimum of 1000 points to be earned.
  • You can also get badges by telling your friends about the game.
  • Gain as much experience as you can to go up the leaderboard.
  • To verify a just distribution, Aethir will also do Sybil checks against Questor’s wallets.
  • Go to their official airdrop notice for additional information about the drop.