Hana Network ($HANA) Airdrop – Claim Tokens now

As a hub for privacy across all blockchains, Hana Network allows on-chain privacy for both established chains and any asset, including Bitcoin. Hana makes transactions on current chains private by connecting Layer 0 for privacy with both Bitcoin and existing networks. Furthermore, Hana creates a robust network effect by facilitating interoperability among various chains.

Though they do not yet have a token of their own, Hana Network has made mention of launching “HANA.” Users can now move assets across addresses on a testnet that has been deployed. If users launch their token and participate in their testnet, they can receive an airdrop.

Status: Airdrop Unconfirmed

Comprehensive Guide

  • Go to the testnet page for Hana Network.
  • Sign up and link your Google account.
  • Configure your passcode.
  • In a few minutes, you will immediately receive some testnet tokens.
  • Send tokens to an EVM address by selecting “Transfer” at this point.
  • Make an effort to be active frequently.
  • Although they haven’t received their token yet, they have made references to “HANA,” their own token.
  • If testnet participants launch their token, they might get an airdrop.
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