The Distinction Between Cryptocurrency Airdrops and Apple Airdrop


If you search for “airdrop” on Google, you’ll probably find the well-known Apple software. However, you should google Airdrop Alert if you’re seeking for cryptocurrency airdrops.

What are the distinctions and similarities between the two terms, and who coined them first?

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, just publicly supported Bitcoin. We thought the two airdrops should be compared now.

The AirDrop from Apple

The spelling is the primary distinction that stands out. Apple capitalizes the word “AirDrop.”

Numerous projects that promote cryptocurrency airdrops have also adopted this spelling style. A tiny illustration of the power of the Apple brand.

You can quickly and simply transfer files across iPhones, iPads, and Macs with the help of the AirDrop software. Point-to-point Wi-Fi is used for data transfer, and Bluetooth LE is used for broadcasting, discovering, and negotiating connections. It is therefore quick, power-efficient, and safe!

You may AirDrop contacts, voice memos, photographs, videos, maps, Passbook passes, and anything else that shows up on a Share sheet between iPhones and iPads when using Apple’s AirDrop feature.

Crypto Airdrops

A cryptocurrency airdrop is a “give away” of tokens or coins intended to help blockchain start-ups build their user base and raise brand recognition. The idea finally took off in late 2017 when we introduced the first airdrop platform in history.

These days, airdrops are a staple of most ICO, dApp, and established currency marketing campaigns.

We have been keeping an eye on Tron and BitTorrent lately, both with their monthly continuous airdrop and with multiple BTT token trading competitions. It demonstrates that using airdrops to get your brand name in front of lots of people is still a good idea!

Crypto Airdrop versus Apple AirDrop

There is one thing that both airdrops have in common. On your gadget, something arrives over the “air.”

A crypto airdrop gives you a token in your Ethereum wallet, whereas an Apple AirDrop sends a file with your iPhone or iPad.

Here at Airdrop Alert, we prefer the second option. Nothing makes us happier than adding additional tokens to our wallet and informing our users about the newest airdrops.