Symmetry Trade ($SYM) Airdrop – Learn How to Claim Airdrop For Free

Peckshield has audited Symmetry Trade, a decentralized perpetual exchange on Scroll that provides up to 25x leverage on cryptoassets like BTC, ETH, and SOL. Additionally, users can contribute USDC to the liquidity pool in exchange for symLP, which generates yield from all of Symmetry’s marketplaces. For increased capital efficiency, the platform now enables portfolio margin. A multi-collateral system will be implemented soon.

In terms of Total Value Locked, Symmetry Trade is the largest decentralized derivatives system on Scroll. A potential airdrop for early users has been alluded to.

How-To Claim Airdrop For Free

  • Navigate to the Symmetry platform, link your wallet, and select Scroll.
  • First, you’ll need some USDC and ETH. It is available via Binance.
  • If you don’t have any money on Scroll, you can transfer some ETH over via Sign two messages by connecting your Ethereum wallet (no gas fees). On their website, Scroll suggests the bridge.
  • Connect your USDC or ETH to the Scroll mainnet via a bridge from the Ethereum mainnet.
  • Make a USDC deposit to start trading. Frequently open deals from the trading page.
  • The possible payoff from their airdrop increases with the amount of trading volume you produce.
  • Additionally, visit the liquidity page to deposit USDC, mint symLP, and receive trading fee yield.
  • The greater the liquidity offered, the greater the likelihood of potentially receiving an airdrop.
  • For more updates, enable alerts and follow Symmetry on X.
  • If they introduce their own coin, early users who have engaged with the site might receive an airdrop.
  • Symmetry has made hints that they are keeping an eye on user behavior, which may mean they want to introduce a token.
  • Please be aware that there is no assurance they will airdrop to the platform’s early adopters. That’s just conjecture.
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