FaucetPay.io Review

FaucetPay.io is a popular provider for micro wallets with which you can send small sums and don’t have to worry about fees. If you use Crypto Faucets, you need to use Faucetpay.

ExpressCrypto shutting down last year still has everyone wondering what micro wallet to use and trust. Even though ExpressCrypto claimed to refund some of their users after their data loss, the incident keeps raising a major trust issue.

Unlike a normal wallet, micro wallets are designed to let you receive the smallest amount of crypto (satoshi). A satoshi is the smallest denomination of bitcoin, equivalent to 100 millionth of a bitcoin. Bitcoins can be split into smaller units to facilitate smaller transactions. The satoshi was named after the bitcoin founder(s) known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

The faucet community is strong they’ve named coins like Doge after Satoshi – they call tiny amount of Doge – Dogetoshi.

NB: This is an honest, unbiased review of Faucetpay – when you signup on FaucetPay.io using our referral link, we get a small reward.

FaucetPay Review – Scam or Legit? Worth Joining?

This article has been compiled to answer all questions you might have about Faucetpay.

You will get an inside look and learn about all the details and know exactly what to expect and if this is really worth investing your time in or not.

In other words, Faucetpay is a small micro pocket that helps you to earn Bitcoin, Solana, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Tether, Dash, DigiBye, Feyorra, ZCash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, and Dogecoin in bits.

So, let’s go ahead and get this review started, shall we?

What is FaucetPay and what does it offer?

FaucetPay is mostly a micro wallet that also has tasks to help you earn more, which makes it quite a unique site. However, for the purpose of this review, we will be looking at the tasks aspect of the site.

With over 100k daily users and more than 10k positive reviews,  FaucetPay is indeed a legit site since it will really pay you for completing simple tasks.

Fun Fact: Coinsrev Faucets runs on the Faucetpay network

Let’s take a look at the earning opportunities to better understand how this site works. With this, you can get an illustration of how well you can earn from this site.

Daily Login bonus

For every day you sign into your account, you get +1 reward points. The RP increases if you’re able to maintain your login steak and the maximum you can get daily is 100 reward points until you miss a day and you start all over again.

During your first day, the daily login bonus will be set to 1 Reward Point. This will gradually increase when you keep your streak of logging in to the site. The maximum Reward Points you will get will be 100 Reward Points.

So say, for example, you’ve logged in to the site for 15 days straight and the last bonus you got was 15 Reward Points. Then, the next day, you failed to log in, thus stopping your streak. The next time you log in to the site, the daily login bonus you will receive will be back to 1 Reward Point.

That’s why it is really important to keep the login streak going to maximize your earnings. To give you a perspective of how important this bonus is, 1 Reward Point is equivalent to 1 Satoshi. So, you can potentially earn 100 Satoshis every day you log in, which is a nice bonus, in my opinion.

Paid surveys

Becoming a member of FaucetPay means that the initial earning opportunity that will be available to you is the paid surveys. This is because the other earning opportunities need to be unlocked. To access their paid surveys from TimeBucks, you just have to log in to the site and click the “Earn” option on their menu. Then, click the Offerwalls. Under the Offerwalls section, you have to click TimeBucks.

Just choose which survey you want to answer and then click the “Answer” button. It will open a new browser tab where you will have to set up your profile first. Just answer all the profile questions as honestly as you can. Once you are done, you will be notified if there are surveys available for you.

Although the paid surveys being referred to here are the paid surveys from one of their partner sites (TimeBucks). Their actual paid survey section has to be unlocked like their other earning opportunities.

If there is a survey available, then just proceed with answering it. Once you finish answering the survey, you will receive the reward promised. If there are no surveys available for you, then you just have to go to the next available survey in the FaucetPay offer wall.

For every survey you complete, you will be rewarded with USDP (10 to 80 USDP at most) which will only be around $0.025 to $0.2 if you convert it to cash since 400 USDP is equivalent to $1.


Offerwalls are one of the earning opportunities that you have to unlock and are basically in-site/app advertising platforms that are designed to promote websites and mobile apps.

Offerwalls do this through their paid offers . These paid offers are simple tasks you can do to earn rewards. These tasks will usually ask you to answer surveys or quizzes, play mobile games, sign up for websites, watch videos or ads, and more. To work on a paid offer, just choose which offerwall you want to work on and click it. Then, click the offer you are interested in doing. You will then see the instructions you have to follow to complete the offer. Make sure to read and understand the instructions before you start because if you miss even just one step, you will not be able to complete the offer and you won’t get paid.

You can only access their offer walls if you have made a certain number of faucet payments per month (usually 5 to 7 faucet payments).

How to Earn Free Crypto?

  • Firstly, you need to sign up for a website or app that dispenses rewards in the form of Satoshi (the smallest unit of a Bitcoin). In other words, you have to look for other cypto faucet sites and apps that give out Satoshis as payment through a faucet.
  • Next, you need to link that faucet to your FaucetPay account.
  • After you’ve linked that, you just have to do the tasks offered by those other sites and apps to get paid. I know, it’s kind of a weird setup because you will have to work on other sites and apps.

These requirements need to be complied with if you want to unlock their offer walls.

FEY staking

Participating in FEY staking is one of the earning opportunities for faucet pay. The term “staking”, is a form of earning opportunity where you can earn cryptocurrency by depositing a certain amount for a specific period.

In FaucetPay’s case, the lock-in period for their staking is 70 days and it will involve the token called FEY (or Feyorra). So, how can you get this token? Well, you can use any cryptocurrency to trade for this token. And the good thing is, you can just do it inside FaucetPay since they have a trading platform you can use.

For example, you can convert your Bitcoin to FEY tokens. That’s usually the route members take when they want to participate in the staking. Once you’ve converted your Bitcoin to FEY tokens, then you just have to choose the kind of staking you want to participate in.

I would suggest you join the one that is almost close to full so that you don’t have to wait long for the staking period to start. Once it starts, you just have to wait 70 days to receive your reward. It kind of works like putting money in the bank and waiting for the interest to be credited to your account.

Note that the FEY token you’ve placed in staking can’t be withdrawn until the staking period is over. Before you decide to participate in this earning opportunity, I would suggest you read up first on what crypto staking is really all about.

Because you can also potentially end up losing money by doing this and you need to know exactly what you are getting into.

Multiply BTC games

FaucetPay has a section called Multiply BTC where you can potentially multiply your earnings. But, this also comes with a risk. This is not a good option for all and only a good option if you like gambling – but be careful as your earnings can quickly disappear if you are not lucky. You can bet your earnings and it offers several games where you can do this. At the time of writing this review, the games you can play are Dice, Roulette, Limbo, Crashes, and Plinko.

All of the games are very simple and easy to play and they have easy-to-follow instructions on the website. You just choose a bet and play the game and if you win, you will get a reward but if you lose, you will lose your bet.

The higher amount you bet, the more you can potentially win, but then, of course, the risks will also be higher.

Referral program

Lastly, you can earn bonus rewards by participating in their referral program which you can earn by inviting other people to join the site.

You only have to share your invite link with the person you want to invite and once they sign up to FaucetPay using your link, they will become your referral.

But, before you can earn from their referral program, your referral must become an active member of the site. That means they have to complete any of the earning opportunities offered by FaucetPay. For example, if they complete a paid offer from one of their offer walls, you will receive a 25% commission which will be shouldered by FaucetPay.

So, make sure to invite people that are really interested in earning from FaucetPay.

How much money can you earn?

Making money from FaucetPay depends on how active you are on the site and how well the site pays. (This, we believe, is a stumbling block for FaucetPay). The earning opportunities they offer are quite low rewards and don’t really pay that well. For example, as discussed earlier with the paid survey you will be rewarded with 10 to 80 USDP at most which will only be around $0.025 to $0.2 if you convert it to cash since 400 USDP is equivalent to $1. Their paid offers offer even lower rewards in many cases.

Also, you don’t always get to earn from every survey you answer because you still have to qualify to get a chance at getting paid.

So, you’ll have to complete a lot of surveys and offers just to earn a decent amount. Plus, they don’t offer a lot of earning opportunities compared to other sites. That’s why I would say the earning potential of this site is quite low.

Who can join FaucetPay?

FaucetPay is made available all around the world which makes it easy to register as a member regardless of where you live. Although, you have to be at least 18 years of age to join.

If you want to join FaucetPay, it is very easy and will only take you a few minutes to get started. Just click the button below and you will be taken to the sign-up page.

Click on the link to signup for an account, Faucetpay.io, and then fill out their registration form. Then, it will send a confirmation link via email. Click the link to complete your registration.

During your first login, you will be asked for a two-factor authentication code. So, go back to your email and check your inbox for the code. They will send it to you right away. Just input the code and you will be able to log in to their member dashboard.

Now, it’s up to you whether you want to use the two-factor authentication mode or if you want to disable it. To disable their two-factor authentication mode, just go to your account settings.

How do you get paid?

If you are interested in joining FaucetPay, you have to have a crypto wallet because FaucetPay will only pay you cryptocurrency. It doesn’t offer cash rewards.

Now, as for the rewards you will earn, they will automatically be converted to Bitcoin by FaucetPay. So, the base currency it will be using is Bitcoin. It is up to you if you want to convert it to some other cryptocurrency (you can convert your Bitcoin to many different cryptocurrencies through their trading platform).

For every withdrawal you make, there will be a withdrawal fee involved. The fee will depend on the cryptocurrency you will withdraw, as well as the type of withdrawal you will make. Normal withdrawals will have a lower fee and priority withdrawals will cost more.

As for how you can withdraw your earnings, there are two options you can choose from. You can choose to do the normal withdrawal which usually takes around 4 hours to be processed or you can choose the priority withdrawal which is processed usually around 5 minutes or less.

To withdraw, you just have to provide your crypto wallet address. Once you’ve done that, FaucetPay will be able to process your request.

Their payment system is relatively simple, but you have to know the ins and outs of cryptocurrency handling so it won’t be confusing for you when you have to withdraw your earnings.

Pros of using Faucetpay:

  • You can easily trade your crypto earnings on their site
  • They are generous with their daily login bonus (as long as you keep the login streak going)
  • Faucetpay is the best Microwallet on the market and if you intend to claim some free Bitcoins from Faucets, you need to use it.
  • It is mainly just a good option if you use some of the faucets that require you to join FaucetPay to receive payments.

Cons of using Faucetpay:

  • Limited earning opportunities are offered.
  • Low rewards.
  • Doesn’t offer cash rewards.
  • Withdrawal charges are a bit high

Final Verdict

A lot of Faucets only work with Faucetpay, that’s why you have no choice anyway. But if you don’t want to register there, feel free to check our Faucets and look for the ones with “Direct withdrawal”. They pay you directly to your wallet without the need for a Microwallet. You should definitely check this before claiming if you don’t want to use Faucetpay, else you can’t withdraw your Coins.

As soon as you have too many Coins at Faucetpay, you should send them to your wallet at Coinbase to keep them safe. Faucetpay is a legitimate business, but better safe than sorry.

FaucetPay is a legit site that has its own unique features, but it also has certain drawbacks you need to keep in mind.

Also we’ve made a list of some of real user reviews:

I always trust save my coin in here

This website or app is very good even you the first time user you have chance to earn some BTC for free, thank to faucetpay

It’s the best the only missing to have a bank card withdrawal method or else fP is the best wallet ever I come across

Faucetpay.io is a genuine site.
They pay very first.

This is excellent website..and give them a transition secure.

This was one of the first wallets I used when I started in this world of cryptocurrencies. Years later I still use it.

nice microwallet platform with a low fees to withdraw also have more faucet site there & pay it direct to my faucetpay wallet. thank you…

I joined this for few years now.
I have had no problems with withdrawal there are many earning sites however, they accomodate some sites which are scams, they also aware of the sites which I did email about, but I find that they still allow check out options for the scams even though I have screen shot and screen recorded and sent to them they still continue to keep them on
Please remove scam sites from this because it’s a great microwallet and lots of ways to earn, only problem is that nothing is done to remove scams and stop checkouts to scams

its a really wonderful website that I could test limbo and crash with really small amount of crypto currencies like 0.00001 TRX and after a month of playing i discovered a lots of ways to how to play this games and multiple my crypto currencies

I’ve been using different crypto wallets but faucet pay is more efficient than many bigger wallet platforms in the crypto space

I would say a great way to generate a passive crypto income is great but withdrawal fees are too high . That’s why minus 1 star . Otherwise a good site

It’s a nice wallet and PTC, you can collects BTC, ETH, DOGE, BCH, TRX, DASH, LTC, DGB, USDT, BNB, ZEC, SOL and FEY and withdraw it to your personal wallet. I already withdraw many times to my personal wallet. for some coins the fee now is drop. so this is wonderful. Always check your wallet address with your personal wallet. I lost some SOL when my personal wallet change its address and I withdraw without check it first.