Nostra ($NOS) Airdrop Detailed Guide

Developed on Starknet, Nostra is a one-stop shop for DeFi solutions where users may trade, lend, and borrow cryptocurrency. Their goal is to use the quickest and least expensive layer-2 solution available to create the most scalable and user-friendly DeFi products with cutting-edge capabilities without jeopardizing Ethereum’s security.

Although Nostra doesn’t currently have a token of its own, it has announced plans to introduce “NOS” in the future. Users can now accrue points for lending and borrowing on the platform, thanks to the introduction of a rewards program. Points could also be awarded for introducing friends. Point-collecting users can receive an airdrop when their token launches.

Status: Airdrop Unconfirmed

Comprehensive Guide

  • Go to the Nostra webpage.
  • As with Argent X, connect your StarkNet wallet.
  • On StarkNet, you’ll need some ETH and/or other coins. These tokens are available on Binance.
  • After that, you can utilize to connect resources to StarkNet from other networks.
  • Proceed to “Lend” and make a token deposit now.
  • Try to borrow some tokens as well.
  • As you lend and borrow money on the site, you will accrue Nostra points.
  • Gain extra points for each recommendation as well.
  • If you register through the aforementioned link, you will receive an additional 5% lifetime bonus.
  • Visit this page to learn more about the Nostra Points program.
  • They have declared that they will eventually introduce their token, “NOS.”
  • When their token goes away, users who accrue points could receive an airdrop.
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