ZeroLend ($ZERO) Airdrop

Based on zkSync, ZeroLend is a lending mechanism with a native stablecoin. ZeroLend’s decentralized non-custodial liquidity market is its main offering. With modifications to the incentive structures, ZeroLend is a fork of AAVE V3 that resembles Radiant Capital quite a bit. In the ZeroLend ecosystem, $ZERO functions as a governance token in addition to a utility token. Owners of tokens can use them to gain access to a number of advantages, including incentives, fee reductions, and voting privileges.

10% of ZERO’s circulating supply will be airdropped by ZeroLend to airdrop participants at launch. To get points, register for the airdrop and finish easy activities. Gain extra points for each recommendation as well. At launch, the points will be exchanged for ZERO tokens.

Comprehensive Guide:

  • Go to the airdrop page for ZeroLend.
  • Press “Enter Zero Gravity.”
  • Link your zkSync digital wallet.
  • Now, finish the easy activities to get points.
  • Get 20% of the points that each of your friends you suggest will earn.
  • ZERO tokens will be awarded to users based on their launch point total.
  • Ten percent of ZERO’s initial circulating supply will be given to airdrop participants.
  • In order to maybe receive more airdrops, try lending and borrowing tokens via the ZeroLend platform.
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