$Aether Airdrop Comprehensive Guide

The first EVM consumer chain with complete vertical integration and fundamental DeFi primitives is Aether. With no external funding or private token sales, Aether is the first community-owned product built on Cosmos duplicated security and delivered only via airdrop and lockdrop. Aether wants to establish a long-term financial partnership with the Cosmos Hub.

Forty percent of the entire supply is being airdropped by Aether to ATOM holders and ATOM, stATOM stakes. Users who continue to stake ATOM and stake ATOM on Stride will receive an airdrop when the token is live because the snapshot hasn’t been taken yet.

Status: Airdrop confirmed


Detailed Instructions:

  • Download and set up the Keplr wallet.
  • ATOM will be required. It is available on Binance.
  • Put your ATOM into your wallet at this time.
  • Stake your ATOM on the Keplr dashboard.
  • Those who own stATOMs from Stride will also qualify.
  • 40% of the entire supply will be airdropped to ATOM and stATOM stakers, they have verified.
  • Holders of ATOMs are also qualified, although stakers will get a larger share.
  • According to the most recent tweet, the picture hasn’t been taken yet.
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