How to Claim the 100x Decentralised Exchange (DEX) Airdrop


With no fees, lightning-fast perpetual and spot trading from a self-custodial cross-margin account built on BLAST, 100x is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that resembles CEX. By utilizing BLAST local interest rates and cross-margining for collateral management, 100x is designed with capital efficiency in mind and offers a remarkable trading experience in every way.

Although 100x hasn’t yet received their town token, they have started a points campaign dubbed 100xP. Establish a connection with your Blast wallet and begin trading to accrue 100xP points. Gain extra points for each recommendation as well. If their token goes live, users that earn 100xP points will probably receive an airdrop in addition to Blast Gold.

Step-by-step Guide:

  • Go to the dashboard for 100x.
  • Link your Blast digital wallet.
  • Click “Login” now to finish the signing procedure.
  • On Blast, you will now require some ETH and USDB.
  • To bridge ETH to Blast and qualify for the Blast airdrop, go to our Blast tutorial.
  • Next, exchange some ETH for USDB using Thruster to be qualified for the Thruster airdrop.
  • Return to 100x now, and make a USDB deposit.
  • Choose a market and begin trading.
  • When you make transactions, you will begin to accrue points in the form of 100xP. From here, you can monitor your point total.
  • Gain extra points for each recommendation as well.
  • By using the aforementioned referral link to sign up, you will also get bonus points.
  • Users’ weekly distribution of 10k 100xP is divided into portions according to their previous week’s activity.
  • Making trades will also earn you Blast Gold.
  • Although they don’t now have a token, they most certainly will in the future.
  • If the user’s token goes live, they will probably receive an airdrop if they obtain 100xP points.
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