How to Claim Potential Zircuit Airdrop

Web3’s boundless potential is powered by Zircuit, a zero-knowledge rollup that is fully EVM-compatible. The network’s innovative hybrid architecture, supported by groundbreaking L2 research, combines zero-knowledge proofs and tried-and-true infrastructure to provide developers the best of both worlds. With state-of-the-art sequencing security and performance, users may explore new horizons with fewer costs, faster transactions, and total peace of mind.

Although Zircuit does not currently have a token, they may do so in the future. They have started a staking campaign where users can earn EigenLayer and Zircuit points by staking assets. If users start their own token and accumulate points, they can get an airdrop. Try the testnet as well for the chance to win even more rewards.

Comprehensive Guide:

Task 1 for Airdrop: Stake tokens

  • Go to the Zircuit page for staking.
  • After connecting your Ethereum wallet, enter the code “VDAKLD.”
  • Some ETH or other LST tokens are required. ETH is available on Binance.
  • At the moment, Zircuit is compatible with ETH, wETH, rswETH, rsETH, ezETH, stETH, and LsETH.
  • Stake your tokens now.
  • Together with yield on your staked asset, you will also start to receive EigenLayer and Zircuit points.
  • Earn 15% of the points for every referral as well.
  • Although they don’t yet have their own token, they have made references to potential future incentives for users who accrue points.
  • If a user launches their own token and accumulates points, they could receive an airdrop.
  • Gaining EigenLayer points may also qualify you for the EigenLayer speculative airdrop.
  • When the Zircuit Mainnet launches, users will have the choice to either withdraw or move their staked assets to the Mainnet.

Second task: Testnet

  • Go to the testnet bridge page for Zircuit.
  • Link your pocketbook.
  • Buy some ETH from Sepolia.
  • Select “Add Zircuit” to add the Zircuit testnet to your wallet at this point.
  • Connect ETH between Zircuit and Sepolia, and vice versa.
  • Aim for a higher number of testnet transactions.
  • Make sure to register for the pre-early list and join their Discord channel.
  • Although they don’t currently have a token, it’s quite likely that they will introduce one.
  • If early testnet users deploy their token, they can be qualified for the airdrop.
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