How to Claim Mythos ($MYTH) Airdrop

MYTH is a Web3 ecosystem for game-related digital entertainment. The goal of MYTH is to use game development, gamified and metaverse experiences, and digital collectibles to move already-existing Web2.0 brands and intellectual properties into the Web3 sphere.

Participants in MYTH’s airdrop will receive 6,250,000 MYTHx tokens, valued at an estimated $1,000,000 on TGE. A lengthy roadmap is also in the works for MYTH’s early adopters. These include the launch of the Hex Mythica game, the MYTH investor economy, the Essence Off-Chain reward token, the MYTHx token, the NFT marketplace and launchpad, and several other projects. There will also be an impending free mint.

Enroll in their airdrop program and fulfill simple social chores to receive a portion of their reward pool.

Comprehensive Guide:

  • Go to the airdrop page for MYTH Zealy.
  • To take part in the event, connect to Zealy using your email, WalletConnect, or Discord account.
  • To get free XP, finish the suggested simple social tasks. In order to gain extra experience points, users can also take part in their quiz and true-false exercises. Users will rank higher on the leaderboard the more XP they accrue.
  • On TGE, participants will split 6,250,000 MYTHx tokens, which are expected to be worth $1,000,000.
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