ClayStack ($CLAY) Airdrop Alert

A cutting-edge liquid staking technology created specifically for the Ethereum ecosystem is called ClayStack. Their goal is to usher in a new age in the global staking sector and make staking more widely accepted. We stand out for our distinct approach, which is based on our dedication to decentralization, security, scalability, and inclusion. One of the main components of our technology, csETH, makes Ethereum and DeFi more secure by encouraging robust, scalable staking and encouraging active engagement.

Funded by investors such as Coinbase Ventures and CoinFund, ClayStack has raised $5.2 million and has committed to airdropping CLAY tokens to stakeholders. To obtain csETH, stake ETH on the site. Both EigenLayer and CLAY points will now be taught to you. At TGE, the CLAY points will be exchanged into CLAY tokens.

Status: Airdrop confirmed

Methodical Guide:

  • Go to the website of ClasyStack.
  • Link your pocketbook.
  • Either rETH, stETH, or ETH is required. ETH is available on Binance.
  • Stake Ethereum now on ClayStack.
  • You’ll receive csETH.
  • You will now begin to accrue EigenLayer and CLAY points.
  • For this airdrop, a total of 5% of the CLAY token supply has been set aside.
  • At TGE, the CLAY points you accrue will be exchanged 1:1 for CLAY tokens.
  • Gaining EigenLayer points may also qualify you for the EigenLayer speculative airdrop.
  • Get 10% of the CLAY points for every referral as well.