How to Claim Overlay Protocol ($OVL) Airdrop

Built on Arbitrum, Overlay Protocol is a decentralized platform that lets users build positions on markets or data streams without traditional counterparties taking the other side, such as market makers or liquidity providers. Markets on ANY non-manipulable and unpredictable numerical data input can be provided by the protocol.

1.5% of the OV token supply is being airdropped by Overlay to testnet users. The stake is awarded to users that participate in their testnet program and execute trades. Additionally, ex-OVL holders, PlanckCat DAO NFT holders, Overlay Hoodie purchasers, and Overlay NFT holders will receive an additional airdrop.

Platform: Arbitrum

Thorough Guide:

  • Go to the testnet page for Overlay.
  • Link your pocketbook.
  • Switch to Arbitrum Sepolia on the network.
  • Get some testnet ETH and OV by joining their Discord channel and going to the #claim-ovl channel.
  • Return to the Overlay testnet page now, and execute transactions.
  • Finish their Galxe quest as well.
  • Participants in the testnet will receive an airdrop of 1.5% of the entire OV supply.
  • In addition, they are airdropping Overlay Hoodie buyers, Overlay NFT holders, PlanckCat DAO NFT holders, and ex-OVL holders.
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