How to Claim Jupiter ($JUP) Airdrop

Jupiter is Solana’s primary liquidity aggregator, providing the greatest route discovery between any two tokens and the largest selection of tokens. In order to make it simple for developers to include the best-in-class swap into their applications, interfaces, or on-chain programs, they strive to offer the most user-friendly user experience and the most potent tools for developers.

Jupiter has announced that it will launch its token and that 40% of the entire supply will be given away as airdrops. Ten percent of the available supply will be distributed to users who had engaged with the platform by November 2nd. The remainder of the cargo will be airdropped in subsequent airdrops.

Status: Airdrop Confirmed

How to Claim $JUP

  • Go to the page for Jupiter airdrop claims.
  • Link your wallet from Solana.
  • You will be able to get free JUP tokens if you qualify.
  • Those who have connected with Jupiter by November 2nd are qualified for the initial airdrop phase.
  • In addition, users who used Solend and Sol-Incinerator to interface with Jupiter are qualified if they personally signed the transaction.
  • The distribution is determined by a number of factors, including:
  • 200M JUP to each and every person who has communicated, regardless of volume
  • Volume-based 700M JUP; community contributors receive 100M JUP
  • 10% of the entire supply has been set aside for this round of airdropping, out of a total of 40%.
  • In subsequent airdrops, the final thirty percent of the material will be dispersed over three rounds.
  • Thus, keep using the platform and people who trade, bridge, and swap on it might receive airdrops in the future.
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