Rivo.xyz Airdrop – Find Out How to Claim Airdrop Token


With just one click, Rivo.xyz is a DeFi platform that offers simple access to earning with DeFi by fusing a DeFi marketplace with a multichain smart-contract wallet. With the aid of this combination, users can invest in high-performing DeFi strategies, pay for gas with any token, effortlessly set up a wallet, and exchange across several chains.

A points campaign has been started by Rivo.xyz, and 10% of the entire supply will be distributed to the winners. Contribute tokens to any available strategy to join the campaign. Points will be awarded to you for both investing and making swaps. Get an additional 8% of the points for every referral. Following TGE, the points will be exchanged for Rivo tokens.

Careful Guide:

  • Click on the dashboard at Rivo.xyz.
  • Link your pocketbook.
  • If you don’t have any ERC-20 tokens yet, add any to your wallet.
  • Proceed to the “Yield Marketplace” and choose a plan of action.
  • Put tokens into any kind of plan.
  • Additionally, use the platform’s “Swap” option.
  • When you make investments on Rivo, you will begin to accrue points.
  • Every 24 hours, you will receive one point for every dollar invested in any of the DeFi strategies available on the Rivo Yield Marketplace.
  • Earn 0.1 points for every dollar you spend on the Rivo platform when you trade.
  • To increase your point total, do the additional tasks listed on the points page.
  • Additionally, you can get 8% of the points for each person you recommend.
  • Mint the “Founding Club” NFT to increase your point total by 10%.
  • When the token goes live, the points will be exchanged for Rivo tokens.
  • 10% of all Rivo tokens in circulation have been set aside specifically for this campaign.
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