GM Network Airdrop: Learn How to Claim $GM Airdrop Token For Free


GM Labs created GM Network, an invention that attempts to close the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. It’s the first AIoT network for consumers. GM Network, created in partnership with AltLayer & EigenLayer, is a significant advancement in the fusion of Web3 and AI technology. As the world embraces the fourth industrial revolution, GM Network is positioned to be a prominent player, collecting real-world data through smart devices and electric vehicles, and giving new interaction ways and access points for AI.

The “GM” token will launch on GM Network, and users that accrue GN points will receive an airdrop. To acquire GN points, participate in the points campaign and finish easy tasks like daily check-ins and social events. Gain extra points for each recommendation as well. Once the token becomes active, the GN points will be exchanged for GM tokens.

Methodical Guide:

  • Check out the campaign page on GM Network.
  • Link your Ethereum wallet.
  • Proceed to “Missions” and fulfill objectives to acquire GN points.
  • Daily check-ins, social task completion, and Launchpad product purchases all earn you GN points.
  • Gain extra GN points by referring friends as well.
  • The introduction of their token, “GM,” has been verified. When the token is live, users who accrue GN points will be eligible to receive GM tokens.
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