How to Make Money Using Coinsrev

Coinsrev is an all-in-one platform earning platform with Faucet, Offerwall, Dice Game, GPT offers, and lots more. The website started paying in 2021 to be one of the highest-paying and most reliable platforms available.

With the website, you can make extra money in your comfort, and with a lot of work, you can make a reasonable amount of money regularly. You do not need a referral, investment, or certain skills to earn money on Coinsrev.

NOTE: Coinsrev requires a FaucetPay account to withdraw your earnings.


We do not have a minimum withdrawal amount or fee. Popular exchanges out there have a minimum deposit limit otherwise the deposit would be lost hence we use FaucetPay because it can accept Crypto payments no matter how small. However, we’re open to other payments method. Kindly suggest one you would like us to include below:

    How to Make Money Using Coinsrev

    To serve users better, we have an express earning method and also a user account method. The Express method is lite, while you can make a lot of money quickly, there are some little limitations and downsides of the method.

    Express Earning Method

    This method does not require you to sign up, you only need your FaucetPay address to start earning.

    While this method is fast and very quick to earn, the downside is there’s a security limitation that reduces the number of claims on the Faucet and the amount to earn on Offerwall (if you intend to do surveys or high-paying tasks, it’s not recommended). However, it’s basically a summary of what you’ll have when you create an account.

    User Account Method

    This method requires you to create an account with us, with an account you have access to all offerwalls including Timewall and also there are multiple faucets to earn from.

    How to Withdraw

    There’s no withdrawal limit. You need a Faucetpay account to withdraw from.

    Withdrawals are made instantly and there’s no need to wait for days to receive your reward.

    Methods of Earning

    Leaderboard – We have Activity, Offerwall, Shortlink, Faucet, and Referral leaderboards updated every week. We reward top users every week.

    Referrals – You don’t need a referral to earn. However, you can make up to 30% lifetime earnings of your referrals and also a leaderboard reward.

    Offerwalls – The section can make you the most earnings. You’ll find surveys, tasks, offers, and links in this section. There are more than 3 different offerwalls to choose from but for the long term, we recommend Timewall.

    Shortlinks – URL shorteners work by creating a redirect to your long URL. Earn a reward by landing on the final redirect page.

    PTC – Paid to click. You get paid for watching websites.

    Auto Faucet – Use your energy to claim USDT

    Manual Faucet – Manually claim reward + energy

    Mad Faucet – Similar to Manual Faucet

    Dice – Roll dice to win or lose earning

    Wheel of Fortune – Spin the Wheel and unlock amazing rewards.

    It’s highly recommended that you do not create multiple accounts to avoid the risk of you losing all your accounts.

    Let us know if you have any questions.