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How to Claim Bonus on Coinsrev

Occasionally, we provide special offers to ensure everyone is earning a reasonable amount of crypto on our website. We have bonuses and side tasks apart from just claiming, so if you have extra time on your side, you can participate in such tasks. Before we proceed, let us take our time to brief you about Coinsrev.

Coinsrev is one of the fast-growing and high-paying faucets currently. So far, we’ve recorded less than 1o minutes of downtime (offline) and no payment failure records and on top of that, we’re happy to assist with our very responsive support service.

Claiming Bonus on Coinsrev

Faucetpay ReviewUp to 10 satoshi (one-time)
Google Search and URL Visit
10 satoshi per screenshot (daily)
URL Visit5 satoshi per screenshot (daily)
Share on socialup to 20 satoshi per share (max 5 times)

How to claim Review Bonus

NOTE: OUR Bonus and Rewards has moved to our New Faucet – Click here to join

Click on this link to go to FaucetPay

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Write your honest comment in the text field

Click on I like the faucet! Upvote.

Submit the recommendation by clicking ‘Post a Comment’.


We’ll send your reward to your Faucetpay username (as on the recommendation page).

PS: We use your Faucetpay username to pay your bonus, you’ll not receive any bonus if you don’t have an approved recommendation on this page.

If you have already completed the task, and submitted your details but have yet to receive your bonus, kindly fill out this form

How to Participate in other tasks

These are currently work in progress but however, but we’ll be doing it manually on Telegram – if you wish to participate, kindly join our task Telegram group

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