How to Claim INIT Capital Airdrop

Through “Liquidity Hooks,” INIT Capital hopes to democratize liquidity access by serving both DeFi users and protocols. Liquidity Hooks function as liquidity’s plugins. DApps creating strategies like leveraged LP/Farming, perpetual trading, margin trading, LSTFi, vaults of all types, etc., may simply create Liquidity Hooks by integrating or “hooking” onto INIT and gaining permissionless access to its liquidity through their smart contracts. dApps can then focus entirely on providing end users with “Hooks,” or yield techniques.

Free INIT tokens are being airdropped by INIT Capital to users who sign up for their “Liquidity Hook Era Phase 1” campaign. To earn INIT points, participate in the campaign, finish easy social tasks, and lend or borrow tokens on the platform. You can get 10% of the points your friends get by referring them. INIT tokens will be obtained by converting the points.

Status: Airdrop confirmed

Step-by-step Guide

  • Go to the website of INIT Capital.
  • Set the network to Mantle and connect your wallet.
  • Select “Join the Campaign” now.
  • Join their Discord channel, follow them on Twitter, and do a verification.
  • You’ve now become a part of the campaign.
  • Tokens on the Mantle network, such as ETH, are required. They are available from Binance.
  • Now, transfer coins from the Ethereum Mainnet to Mantle using the Mantle bridge. In addition, you will receive free Mantle (MNT) to help with gas costs.
  • You can now begin earning points by depositing or borrowing tokens.
  • For each $100 you lend each day, you will receive one INIT point, and for each $100 you borrow each day, you will receive seven INIT points.
  • Additionally, you can earn 10% of your friends’ points by referring them.
  • Once the token is live, the INIT points will be converted to INIT tokens.
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