Hottest Airdrop – Dymension ($DYM) Airdrop

RollApps, or readily deployable, rapid modular blockchains, make up the Dymension network. Dymension is akin to a full-stack web application in which users engage with RollApps (the front-end), data availability networks (the database) offer a venue for data dissemination, and the Dymension Hub (the back-end) serves as the ecosystem’s coordinator. RollApps are the interactive applications for the Dymension network. Every RollApp is completely configurable, just like any other web application. You are able to create DeFi, NFT projects, games, and much more!

A total of 70,000,000 DYM have been airdropped by Dymension to Ethereum L2s, Cosmos, Celestia, Solana, and other NFT holders. The airdrop might be claimed by eligible users until January 21, 2024. Redistributed unclaimed tokens were given back to the original recipients of the airdrop.

As we’re witnessing with Celestia airdrops, new DYM holders or stakeholders may still be qualified for airdrops in the future from projects that are expanding on Dymension.

Status: Airdrop unconfirmed

Total value: 70,000,000 DYM

A Comprehensive Guide: Possible Airdrops to $DYM Stakers

  • First, acquire some DYM. It is available on Binance.
  • Using Chainlist, add the Dymension network to your Metamask wallet.
  • Take your DYM out of Binance and deposit it into your Metamask wallet.
  • Next, visit the Dymension staking page, pick a validator, and stake a portion of your DYM.
  • Please be aware that unstaking your tokens will take 21 days.
  • RollApps that are quickly and simply deployable can reside on Dymension. On the platform, numerous projects are presently under development.
  • The projects that are building RollApps on the Dymension blockchain may also airdrop their tokens to DYM stakers, in a manner akin to the Celestia airdrops.


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