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Crypto faucet bot is an algorithm capable of repeating claim/task actions in round-the-clock automatic mode usually on a computer, remote servers, or virtual machines. Think of it as automating the claim and earn process – instead of you going to the websites, claiming, and waiting, the bots can do this for you.

It’s easier and faster to earn when using a faucet bot because a lot of sources are being rotated – a bot can claim 100000 satoshis in a day which is a very hard task for humans.

Faucet bots are designed to automatically fill in the login/password, solve captchas, and repeat the process all day. Usually, a captcha at the entrance to the site is designed to serve as a prevention against automation.

There are several paid services where the latest robots are “trained” to solve captchas – these tools are quite expensive but the price is worth it.

Simply Explained – One of the most common ways that people use to earn is through crypto faucets, and this is especially easy to do if you are looking for how to find your root in the cryptocurrency field. Fun fact: experienced crypto users participate in faucets too but they focus more on airdrop and training.

In order for people to increase their earning potential and to make their claims from faucets much more effective in terms of time, they tend to purchase and make use of faucet bots that have been programmed to try and claim from these faucets automatically.

How Crypto Faucet Bot Works

Over the years, there are several approaches and methods faucet bots have worked and are still working, some of the approaches are listed below:

  1. Script embedded in a web browser using extensions like Tampermonkey  and many others
  2. Apps designed to run on Android devices

They usually take advantage of security flaws in websites to solve captchas and then claim.

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What are the risks of using a Crypto faucet bot?

In reality, there’s no risk of using a faucet bot but rather tons of benefits and earning more with less work but are the promises real? Are the software real? Below are some of the risks you’re likely to experience

  • Computer infection with malware
  • Turning your PC into a mining machine
  • Collecting your money for software that doesn’t work
  • Risk of malware, ransomware, and sensitive data leak
  • They are too expensive and you may end up in loss instead
  • You may be permanently banned or your wallet address added to blacklist by faucet owners
  • Don’t do it

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Are Crypto Faucet Bots Worth the Risks?

NO! They’re not.

Faucet bots have worked perfectly in the past but this is 2022 where most Faucet websites have already increased their security, they can easily flag down a bot and also have proxy services in place to know if it’s a residential or virtual server IP.

There is a small chance of finding a faucet bot that actually works but as we mentioned earlier, the cost of maintaining it is pretty high and it becomes useless as soon as the faucet owner is able to patch where the error is coming from.

Furthermore, 90% of faucet bots in the last two years turned out to be scams after promises and proofs – do not be a victim of this. Most are interested in making money off people like you. Even if it worked, it’ll be for a limited time until the issue is addressed.

It may be very easy to bypass captcha systems like hCaptcha, RainCaptcha, SolveMedia and others but it’s very hard to bypass Google reCaptcha especially when the site owner is using the highest level of its security – there is a small ratio of websites using other captchas and most use multiple captcha system.

To help you increase and scale up your income, we have compiled a comprehensive list of genuine and top-paying crypto faucets we have used in the past to earn small crypto rewards by completing simple tasks – they do not require registration to earn. Grab your Faucetpay BTC wallet address and start earning.

We recommend you go with the ones with higher rewards and no pop ads.

Faucet NameRewardPopup
Coinsrev10 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
Gpflix2 satoshi every minuteYes
Faucet4newsBetween 1 to10 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
Coinhirek10 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
BtcfaucetBetween 1 to 5 satoshi every 3 minutesNo
Starbits1 Satoshi every 10 minutesNo
BitcoinFaucet2 Satoshi every 5 minutesNo
Turbo10 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
SatoshiWin1 Satoshi every 2 minutesNo
Up Cripto1 Satoshi every minuteYes
Fast Faucet10 Satoshi every 3 minuteNo
Ethiomi1 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
Notimer Faucet10 satoshi every 0 minutes.No
ClaimMultiCoin10 satoshi every 0 minutes.No
HdFaucet5 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
Zombie Btc1 to 3 satoshi every minuteNo
Btc Collector2 satoshi every 1 minutes.No
MultiClaim14 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
JupiterFaucet4 satoshi every minuteyes
Crypto Currency Tracker1 satoshi every minuteNo
ClaimFreeCoin1 satoshi every 7 minuteNo
Short1-4 satoshi every 15 minutes.No
Crypto Mundo2 satoshi every minuteNo
BtcFaucetsNinja1 Satoshi every minuteNo
Bitsmart10 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
ClaimForBitcoin6 Satoshi every 10 minuteNo
MonitorSatoshi2 satoshi every 90 minutesNo
FaucetDragon1 satoshi every 3 minutesNo
Kriptocoin2-3 satoshi every minuteNo
Faucet NameRewardPopUp
ClaimFreeCoins110 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
DiamondFaucet86 satoshi every 5 minutesYes
CoinsRev123 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
Turbo65 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
BinanceCoin 400 and 500 satoshi every minuteyes
StarCoins100 satoshi every 5 minsYes
FastBinance 100 satoshi every 3 minutesNo
BeeFaucet40 Satoshi every 3 minutesNo
ClaimProCoin77 satoshi every 1 minuteNo
FaucetGoodself50 satoshi every minuteYes
CryptooSite25 satoshi every minuteNo
FaucetsEarn40 satoshi every 3 minutes.No
Dazfaucet100 to140 satoshi every 4 minutesYes
NoTimerFaucet300 satoshi every minuteYes
ZadFaucet80-110 satoshi every minuteNo
Ar2Crypto22 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
FaucetDrop200 to 400 satoshi every minuteNo
Bitsmart100 satoshi every minuteNo
ChanceXd22 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
Keibow1 satoshi every 3 minuteNo
Indoltc125 satoshi every minuteNo
Kerantrx3 satoshi every minuteNo
Faucet NameRewardPopUp
Ethiomi 300000 and 320000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
CoinsRev400000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
CryptooSite100000 to 120000 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
TageCoin312342 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
Qpcrypto100000-120000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
FesCrypto50000-100000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
UnlimitedTRX 70000-100000 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
BitcoinCuba90000-100000 satoshi every minuteNo
ClaimTRX120000 satoshi every minuteNo
ClaimToken766400 satoshi every MinuteNo
BeClaim152000 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
ClickTRX50000-125000 satoshi every minuteNo
HeraFaucet290000 satoshi every 10 minuteNo
FlyFaucet20000 and 120000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
Swift4Claim60000 satoshi every minuteNo
DailyClaimTRX100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
StarCoins100000 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
FaucetGoodself 50861 and 200197 satoshi every minuteNo
SatoshiWin100000 to 250000 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
FaucetClick103627-116580 satoshi every 10 minuteNo
StationBit766401 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
TrxEzyro350000 satoshi every 0 minutes.No
FreeCryptolist 100000 and 145000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
Zetsuboes37792 satoshi every 5 minutes.Yes
ClaimTo151000 every 30 minutesNo
Faucethub40000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
HoneyFaucets151000 satoshi every 30 minutesNo
FcDoge 800000 satoshi every 3 minutesNo
PureBTC227349 satoshi every 15 minutesNo
MultiClaim438000 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
NoTimerFaucet2000000 satoshi every 0 minutesNo
FreeFaucet10000 and 50000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
StormCoins100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
AllFaucets7597 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
Bep20Faucet522122 satoshi every minuteNo
HighFree100000 satoshi every 2 minuteYes
Hasit30599-175946 satoshi every 29 minutes.No
CryptoShower1510483 satoshi every 2 minutes.No
HighlyTRX100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
FreeCoiny603582 satoshi every minuteNo
Cryptofp100000 satoshi every 2 minuteYes
CrazyPay100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
FreeFaucetPay10000 and 40000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
TRXkings100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
HighlyPaying100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
CryptoOnly100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
RnCrypto113048 satoshi every minuteNo
HighCrypto100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
Bellscryptos200000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
FreeCoiny 604320 satoshi every minuteYes
Highlypay100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
CliamTrxFree87523 satoshi every minuteNo
Faucet NameRewardPopUp
Ethiomi200000 and 320000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
TageCoin312341 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
CryptooSite200000 and 320000 satoshi every minuteNo
Qpcrypto100000-120000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
CoinsRev300671 satoshievery 10 minutesNo
Fescrypto150000-200000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
BitcoinCuba566875 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
Konstantinova300.7328 Satoshi every 10 minutesNo
FreeDoge300732 Satoshi every 3 minutesNo
ClaimFreeCoin30073 Satoshi every 5 minutesNo
FlyFaucet20000 and 120000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
GrabaCoin30000 Satoshi every 6 minutesNo
EzCoin30000 Satoshi every minuteNo
StarCoins3000 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
FreeCoin0.0033-0.0048 DOGE every 45 minutes.No
DogeInet0.018 doge every 30 minuteNo
FreeCoin 0.0032-0.0047 DOGE every 45 minutes.No
Kerantrx0.0013 DOGE every 0 minutes.No
EMoney0.0080 DOGE every minuteNo
CryptoFun 0.0162 DOGE every 5 minuteNo
ThebigbangDogue0.0052 DOGE every 6 minutes.No
ClaimProCoin0.0022 DOGE every 1 minutes.No
MixCrypto800000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
DogeRandomit0.01 doge every 3 MinutesNo
Kartinks100000 satoshi every minuteNo
NoTimerFaucet0.004 DOGE every 0 minutes.Yes
FaucetClick0.0011-0.0012 DOGE every 10 minutes.No
FreeCoin200000 Satoshi every 3 minutesNo
FreeFaucet 20000 and 30000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
DogeVnvo0.000100 DOGE every 5 minutes.No


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