How to Participate in Launchpads and What They Are

Launchpads are probably something you’ve heard about already if you’re familiar with the cryptocurrency scene. If not, though, now is the moment to do so.

Various techniques have been developed over time to raise money for new blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives through bootstrapping. We started with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in 2017 and progressed to Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), Security Token Offerings (STOs), and so forth. We finally seem to have reached an agreement about launchpads and Initial DEX Offerings (IDO).

The industry’s evolution of fundraising has been largely influenced by the demand for security and transparency. Scams out, innovations in: this has been the driving force behind progress. Stated differently, a genuine regulations demand has arisen naturally from the community.

Launchpads have become essential in this industry as a result of all of these shifts. Thus, we talk about launchpads in this article—what they are and how you might participate. We’ll also examine a few of the top launchpads.

How Do I Join & What Are Launchpads?

Launchpads are online venues where nascent cryptocurrency initiatives can gather funds for future research and implementation. Additionally, they facilitate the development of a community surrounding cryptocurrency projects, particularly by connecting early-stage developers and investors. Investors gain early access to ideas with a high potential for long-term returns while new businesses obtain money. A win-win strategy? Indeed.

Launchpads do more than just give out tokens at a discount; they also make airdrop promotions possible. Another crucial function that launchpads fulfill is vetting. Launchpads guarantee investors that scams and frauds are excluded by using smart contracts. When projects fail, money is actually frequently refunded to the investors—something that has never happened before.

Unlike the previous options, launchpads doesn’t require much to get started as an investor. However, the ROIs are unquestionably more steady and far higher. Thus, you can get started straight away if you have some money in a cryptocurrency wallet. But since many launchpads operate on various blockchains, you’ll require the appropriate tokens for a particular project. However, obtaining these is not difficult; you just need to be ready.

The Top 4 Crypto Launchpads

Since it’s simple to enter the market, why not familiarize yourself with some of the leading launchpads for blockchain and cryptocurrencies? Who knows what you might acquire in the end?

Launchpad for Binance

A safe sanctuary for blockchain-based cryptocurrency startups is the Binance ecosystem. The Binance Launchpad is undoubtedly essential in this sense. The platform has continuously provided finance, marketing assistance, advisories, and token issuance for a variety of projects since 2017.

The platform’s native cryptocurrency, Binance Coins (BNB), and a suitable wallet are required in order to join. There’s a 30-fold return on investment guaranteed for a successful launch.

Starter Polka

Polkastarter has served as a dependable platform for projects utilizing Polkadot’s highly interoperable and cross-chain ecosystem since December 2020. With over 200K investors having already joined this launchpad, the future looks bright and prosperous.

Possessing more than 3,000 POLS tokens in a wallet that is compatible will get you early access and allocation for upcoming launches. Even without much, though, you can still take part. There are other public pools available, albeit they offer less advantages. On Polkastarter, projects like Exeedme, Fire Protocol, and MahaDAO have all been launched.


Early in 2021, DuckDAO launched DuckStarter, a launchpad designed to serve as an incubator for creative blockchain-based ventures. This platform requires the DuckDAODime (DDIM) token in order to use it.

In addition to regular pools, you’ll get access to private token sales and exclusive offers. DuckStarter projects pay their fees in USDC, which is then utilized to repurchase DDIM. A few of the initiatives that made use of this launchpad are Base Protocol, Bondly, and Fyooz.


The community-focused ecosystem of TrustSwap received its very own launchpad around the end of 2020. Team Lock is a special feature of the platform that keeps auctioning tokens from suddenly losing liquidity. This keeps new projects safe from arbitrary rug pulls and sell-offs because tokens are locked for a set amount of time. After the project reaches one or more specified milestones, the smart contract then progressively releases the locked tokens.

You must possess more than 3,000 SWAP tokens in order to be eligible for early access to launches on TrustSwap. You can, however, also take part in open sales, which are exempt from these restrictions. Among the most successful projects developed on the TrustSwap launchpad are Glitch Finance and Yield App.

Do Launchpads Make Sense to Try?

The blockchain market is expanding, and new and exciting solutions are appearing daily. Requirements for maintaining the game include consistent money inflows and returns that are on par. In this industry, projects and investors seek a balance between profitability and security.

Launchpads are the ideal means of fulfilling demands. A wide spectrum of investors are connected to projects, and they take part with a great deal of security. It goes without saying that, in spite of the steadiness, the returns are extraordinary. In conclusion, you need to keep up with launchpad developments if you plan to invest in cryptocurrency in the long run. We have helped you embark on your future trip as usual. We hope you have luck on your journey ahead.