Step-by-step Guide to Claim Rabby Wallet Airdrop

An open source browser plugin called Rabby Wallet makes multi-chain transactions easier to use and more safe for users of the DeFi ecosystem. It provides a seamless multi-chain experience by automatically navigating to the relevant chain depending on which Web3 dApp you have visited. Before signing transactions, you can verify faults and dangers using their security rule engine.

DebBank’s Rabby Wallet does not yet have its own token, but it has made suggestions on compensating users. Users may now earn points for installing the app, participating in on-chain events, completing swaps, and introducing new users through the company’s recently launched rewards program. Get started by importing your active wallets to earn additional points. If a user launches their own token and accumulates points, they could receive an airdrop.

Status: Airdrop Confirmed

How to Claim Rabby Wallet Airdrop

  • Install Rabby Wallet on your Chrome browser.
  • After installing the wallet, you can import an already-existing one or make a new one.
  • Select “Rabby Points” from the wallet now.
  • Bonus points will be awarded to users who import an EVM wallet, depending on the amount of the wallet on the snapshot date.
  • If you have used Metamsk Swap during the last year, you can import your Metamask wallet to receive up to 12,000 additional points.
  • To begin earning points, take part in on-chain activities, swap items, etc. now.
  • Receive an additional 50 points for each referral that earns 100 points.
  • They have alluded to compensating the users even if they do not yet have their own token.
  • In the event that they introduce their own currency, users who accrue points in their wallet might get an airdrop.
  • Using the wallet could also qualify you for the DeBank speculative airdrop because it is made by DeBank.
  • Please be aware that there is no assurance they will introduce their own token or do an airdrop. That’s just conjecture.
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