How to Claim the Newly Confirmed Airdrop Battle Showdown($BSD): Gambit

Ethlas’s flagship game, Battle Showdown (BSD), is poised to revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape. BSD targets casual gamers worldwide and may be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store. Their goal is to establish new benchmarks for the gaming industry by fostering a symbiotic relationship between exhilarating gameplay and a revolutionary economic strategy.

Battle Showdown: Users who register and accrue points will receive an airdrop of ELS tokens from Gambit. To gain points, register for the Gambit points campaign using your Twitter account and finish easy activities. Get 1,000 points for every referral as well. It has been revealed that customers that accumulate points would receive an airdrop of a portion of the ELS supply.

Status: Airdrop confirmed

Comprehensive Guide:

  • Go to the airdrop page for Battle Showdown: Gambit.
  • Link your Twitter profile.
  • You are going to receive 100 points.
  • Enter the code “m8ozq7” under “Referrals” to receive a 1,000 point bonus.
  • Connect your Base wallet now to earn an additional 100 points.
  • To increase your point total, start completing on-chain and social assignments now.
  • As stated on the airdrop website, you can exchange for on-chain points. The quantity and amount of trades you make will determine how many points you receive.
  • By doing the social duties listed on the airdrop page, you can gain social points.
  • In addition, if you own the aforementioned NFTs, your point total may be multiplied.
  • Additionally, you will receive 1,000 points for each successful referral that brings in 5,000.
  • Daily compounding of all points collected will result in additional points.
  • Users who accrue points will receive an airdrop of some of the ELS supply.
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