How to Claim the Latest Airdrop mySwap Token

Starknet’s economical calculation is used by mySwap’s Concentrated Liquidity Automated Market Maker (AMM) to facilitate trades with no service costs. Because of its economical gas utilization and user-friendly interface, it is favored by liquidity providers as well as traders.

With a TVL of almost $10 million, mySwap does not yet have its own token. In addition to earning points on the mySwap leaderboard, users that produce APR fees may also be eligible for the airdrop.

Status: Airdrop unconfirmed

Comprehensive Guide

  • Check out the mySwap webpage.
  • Establish or connect any other Starknet wallet, such as the Braavos Wallet.
  • Use STRK or ETH to load your wallet. You have several options in the deposit area of your wallet, such as onramping Binance tokens.
  • Visit the mySwap leaderboard and complete all the tasks to gain points.
  • Establish your liquidity pool and strive to provide the highest yield possible. This will win you points on the leaderboard as well as APR fees.
  • Although mySwap doesn’t currently have a token of its own, those who place high on the leaderboard will probably be qualified for a future airdrop. An airdrop has no guarantees; it is entirely speculative.
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