How to Claim Equation ($EQU) Airdrop


Equation is a perpetual DEX based on Arbitrum that offers 150x leverage, no trading fees, and a token that was released honestly. Trading, offering liquidity, and/or referring friends using your unique referral link are all ways to earn EQU.

The EQU coin from Equation is launched 100% fairly and given to the community in full. EQU tokens can be obtained by users via trading, liquidity provision, and friend referrals.

Forty percent of the daily EQU emissions go to traders (30 percent go toward loss compensation and 10 percent go toward profit rate mining). Twenty percent go to liquidity providers; twenty percent go to EQU/ETH liquidity providers; and eleven percent go to EFC members and connection NFT holders.

Traders that have open positions that are profitable are rewarded by profit rate mining. The top 10 traders and their referrers can now earn USDT awards every week in addition to EQU rewards.

Instructions in Detail:

  • Open the Equation app and link your wallet.
  • Make sure your collateral on Arbitrum is at least $100 USDT.
  • If you want to start generating EQU through profit rate mining or loss compensation, you must utilize at least 100 USDT (on Arbitrum) as margin.
  • The accessible markets might be long or short to produce PnL.
  • Go to the pools page to supply USDT liquidity.
  • To invite friends, go to the Referrals page and create a custom code.
  • Get extra Equation from your referrals by purchasing the Equation Founders Club NFT.
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