Do Not Miss This Free and Verified Eesee ($ESE) Airdrop

EESEE is different from traditional NFT trading platforms in that it enables users to leverage the community’s strength for significant profits in the premium collectibles market. By utilizing the network effect to create a mutually beneficial environment, its gamified trading interface helps buyers and sellers profit from one another.

EESEE fully connects the social and trading components of a conventional NFT marketplace, going beyond the fundamental capabilities of NFT trading platforms. This is achieved by integrating a comprehensive social network. Within a single interface, users may interact with the community, keep up with the most recent news, and get insightful knowledge. In addition, EESEE lowers industry entry barriers by introducing a cutting-edge ticketed sales system.

Smart contracts are used to handle every transaction on EESEE, including purchases and sales. To maintain the security and operational integrity of the platform, the matching NFT is locked within the smart contract when a digital asset is put up for sale. EESEE serves as the escrow account holder and guarantee during the sale procedure.

EESEE’s testnet follows the highest standards, prioritizing platform enhancement and rewarding early adopters with an airdrop of $ESE tokens endorsed by prominent individuals in the Web3 sector. It does this by benefiting from collaborations and guidance from industry leaders. For a brief while, the testnet is accessible, giving users the chance to interact with the platform in real-world settings and support its continued evolution.

This is how to be eligible for $ESE airdrop:

  • Go to the eesee webpage.
  • Switch the network to Goerli and connect your wallet.
  • Now type in “ESE-IMN7-EM4N” and hit “Submit.”
  • Press the “Add funds” button.
  • To obtain testnet tokens, simply follow the instructions on Twitter and select “Get tokens.”
  • Proceed to “Challenges” now, and finish the objectives to score points.
  • Plus, earn extra points for each recommendation.
  • Each participant will receive a minimum of $200,000 ESE.
  • “There would be a larger prize pool the more participants there were.”
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