Comprehensive Guide on How to Claim the Hottest StarryNift ($SNT) Airdrop Token

In a large, fully exploring 3D Metaverse, StarryNift is at the forefront of fusing gaming, AIGC, DID, and interactive entertainment. It is a whole ecosystem, not just a platform, that transforms the way we engage with online communities and digital environments.

$10 million in funding has been obtained by StarryNift from investors like OKX Ventures and Binance Labs. Additionally, the business has declared that it would issue its cryptocurrency and do an airdrop. When the token becomes online, users who finish activities, mint the Citizenship Pass, and get experience points will probably get the airdrop.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Go to the website for StarryNift.
  • Select BSC, opBNB, or Sui as the network and connect your wallet.
  • You’ll require some SUI or BNB. These are available from Binance.
  • To mint the Citizenship Pass, click “Citizen” in the upper right corner.
  • Proceed to “Earn” and finish easy chores to gain experience points.
  • To gain extra XP, you can take part in Ad-Hoc events, daily events, and streaks.
  • To get even more XP, you can also recommend pals.
  • Your level increases with the amount of XPs you obtain.
  • As you advance in level, you can upgrade your Citizenship Pass from Common to Mythic.
  • They have announced that they would release their token and airdrop it to a number of supporters.
  • When the Citizenship Pass token becomes online, those who mint it and gain XPs will probably receive an airdrop.
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