Comprehensive Guide on How to Claim Haven1 ($H1) Airdrop

With a focus on security and scalability, Haven1 is a specially constructed Layer 1 blockchain supported by Fundamental Labs and developed by Yield app. It unlocks use cases that were previously impossible by fusing the distinctive characteristics of the DeFi sector with recourse procedures and security measures from traditional finance. Without compromising anonymity, Haven1’s Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism allows for network-level risk management and user verification.

The debut of Haven1’s token, “H1,” and its airdrop to testnet users have been confirmed. To receive incentives, register for the testnet, finish the simulated KYC, and use the testnet. Gain additional benefits by recommending friends. When the testnet goes live, those who engage with it will receive an airdrop of their token.

Status: Airdrop confirmed

Comprehensive Guide:

  • Go to the testnet page for Haven1.
  • After selecting “Register,” attach your wallet.
  • Switch to the testnet for Haven1.
  • Proceed to complete the simulated verification by selecting “Verify account.”
  • Return to the testnet website now to retrieve your H1 testnet tokens.
  • Make some swaps by selecting “Swap.”
  • Proceed to the “Provable Identity Framework” page, create an NFT with the flag of your nation, mint tokens, trade tokens, and finish the knowledge test.
  • Examine testnet applications and take use of new capabilities as they become available.
  • As you experiment with the testnet features, you will receive incentives.
  • You can get more benefits by telling your friends about us.
  • Finish the Zealy tasks as well.
  • It has been confirmed that they will airdrop their own token, “H1,” to testnet participants as well as launch the token themselves.
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