Comprehensive Guide on How to Claim Free Thruster ($THRUST) Airdrop


With the goal of providing the greatest Blast-native teams and tokens with a yield-first DEX on Blast, Thruster is constructing it. With interfaces with the majority of the most popular protocols, tokens, and liquidity providers in the Blast ecosystem, Thruster is thoroughly interwoven throughout. Thruster additionally requires liquidity provider tools in order to maximize yield capture for LPs.

In addition to confirming the launch of the THRUST coin, Thruster has raised $7.5 million in funding from investors including Pantera Capital and OKX Ventures. They just introduced a “Credits” point system. Credits can be obtained by users for facilitating swaps and offering liquidity. Earn extra rewards for each referral as well. When an airdrop for their token becomes live, those who accumulate credits will probably receive one.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Check out the Thruster webpage.
  • Set the network to Blast and connect your wallet.
  • On Blast, you’ll need some ETH or tokens. ETH is available on Binance.
  • is a tool for bridging ETH or other network currency to Blast.
  • Click “Swap” now to start making swaps.
  • Navigate to “Analytics” and supply any pools with liquidity.
  • As you make swaps and provide liquidity, you will begin to accrue points, or “Credits.”
  • Additionally, you can get credit for supplying partner protocols like Juice with liquidity.
  • Earn a portion of the credits from your recommendations as well.
  • They have announced that they will introduce their coin, “THRUST,” and they may give early users credits in exchange for rewards.
  • When an airdrop for their token becomes live, those who accumulate credits will probably receive one.
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