Base Name Service – How to Claim $BNS Airdrop

Built on Base, Base Name Service (BNS) is a native name system. BNS links hashes, metadata, decentralized webs, AA addresses, cryptocurrency wallet addresses, and human-readable names like “bob.base.”

Although Base Name Service does not now have a token, it may do so in the future. If early adopters of a domain launch their token, they might receive an airdrop.

Status: Airdrop unconfirmed

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Go to the website of Base Names Service.
  • Link your Base wallet.
  • To purchase a domain on Base, you will require some ETH. Ethereum may be purchased on Binance. You can also buy ETH straight from Binance by depositing fiat money if you don’t have any cryptocurrency cash.
  • Go to, link your ERC-20 wallet, and sign a pair of messages (gas not included). On their website, Base suggests the bridge.
  • Connect your ETH to the Base mainnet via a bridge from the Ethereum mainnet or another network.
  • Return to Base Names Service now and purchase a domain.
  • Acquiring a domain for a year will earn you 500 points. You will receive more points the longer the period is.
  • After 2,000 points are accumulated, you can buy a new domain or receive a one-year domain renewal.
  • Although they don’t currently have one, they may do so in the future.
  • If early adopters of a domain purchase launch their own cryptocurrency, they might receive an airdrop.
  • Please be aware that there is no assurance they will introduce their own token or do an airdrop. That’s just conjecture.
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