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Faucet Name Reward Timer MicroWallet
CoinPayzCoinPayz311 sat 10 minFaucetpay
FreeSolanaFreeSolana133261 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Bagi.Co.inBagi.Co.in2319 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Keran.CoKeran.Co275 sat 60 minFaucetpay
crypto targetcrypto target0.03 SOL 5 minFaucetpay
Faucetoshi.comFaucetoshi.com240 sat 15 minFaucetpay
MemecoinsMemecoins2 sat 5 minFaucetpay
CoinotoCoinoto1083 sat 1 minFaucetpay
AutoFaucet.orgAutoFaucet.org753992 sat 1 minFaucetpay
AutoClaim.inAutoClaim.in1363 sat 1 minFaucetpay
AutoBitco.inAutoBitco.in803 sat 0 secFaucetpay
RaPCrypto SOLRaPCrypto SOL484 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Crypto JunkieCrypto Junkie13425 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Litecoin.Host BTC ETH DOGE LTCLitecoin.Host BTC ETH DOGE LTC0.04 SOL 1 minFaucetpay
Cryptofans NetworkCryptofans Network7521 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Coin DiversityCoin Diversity1 sat 5 minFaucetpay
NeedbuxNeedbux1 sat 5 minFaucetpay
sumfaucetsumfaucet30 sat 10 minFaucetpay - unlimited - unlimited crypto0.01 SOL 10 minFaucetpay Faucet Offer Faucet Offer wall9595 sat 0 secFaucetpay
QuickClaims - SOLQuickClaims - SOL107 sat 1 minFaucetpay
All Crypto Faucet AppsAll Crypto Faucet Apps220 sat 0 secFaucetpay
FreeCryptoss.comFreeCryptoss.com317 sat 3 minFaucetpay
NevCoins Best FaucetNevCoins Best Faucet775 sat 5 minFaucetpay
EarnbitmoonEarnbitmoon2450 sat 5 minFaucetpay
INFINITY Auto FaucetINFINITY Auto Faucet253 sat 1 minFaucetpay
A-Crypto SOLA-Crypto SOL3056 sat 5 minFaucetpay
FreeGetCoins.comFreeGetCoins.com47 sat 3 minFaucetpay
Vie FaucetVie Faucet477 sat 3 minFaucetpay
Linkywall - Shortlink OfferwallLinkywall - Shortlink Offerwall22 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Free Feyorra FaucetFree Feyorra Faucet36061 sat 15 minFaucetpay
Free Tron FaucetFree Tron Faucet0.02 SOL 15 minFaucetpay
Free Doge FaucetFree Doge Faucet0.01 SOL 15 minFaucetpay
11BITZ11BITZ128655 sat 11 minFaucetpay
HotCryptoHotCrypto2006 sat 1 minFaucetpay
bitsclaim.combitsclaim.com10847 sat 1 minFaucetpay
|| 1 MINUTES SOL FAUCET |||| 1 MINUTES SOL FAUCET ||357 sat 1 minFaucetpay
AHGUIAL | Express Faucet 2.0AHGUIAL | Express Faucet 2.0896 sat 60 minFaucetpay - NoTimer - NoTimer Unlimited19 sat 0 secFaucetpay - NoTimer - NoTimer Unlimited22716 sat 0 secFaucetpay
All Faucets ClickAll Faucets Click5346 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Faucetx2 | Ultimate FaucetFaucetx2 | Ultimate Faucet664 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Faucet ENBFaucet ENB49 sat 20 minFaucetpay
Free DigiByte FaucetFree DigiByte Faucet34009 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Bitclaim.ClickBitclaim.Click1818 sat 5 minFaucetpay
FAUTSYFAUTSY2 sat 60 minFaucetpay
888satoshis888satoshis567 sat 3 minFaucetpay
### adETH.cc41 sat 60 minFaucetpay
ShoppingPalsShoppingPals19 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Daz's High Paying FaucetDaz's High Paying Faucet239969 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Zad's High Paying FaucetZad's High Paying Faucet24563 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Phoenix AutoPhoenix Auto39809 sat 60 minFaucetpay
CryptoClicks SOLCryptoClicks SOL1831 sat 5 minFaucetpay | Crypto | Crypto Platform280 sat 5 minFaucetpay
KaziPay.comKaziPay.com6388 sat 1 minFaucetpay
DutchyCorp Final FaucetDutchyCorp Final Faucet50291 sat 60 minFaucetpay
1xDogecoin1xDogecoin0.35 SOL 60 minFaucetpay
= CRYPTONETOS = Multi Faucet= CRYPTONETOS = Multi Faucet17 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Feyorra.siteFeyorra.site0.52 SOL 1 minFaucetpay
Free TronFree Tron94200 sat 60 minFaucetpay
FreeFaucetPay DogeFreeFaucetPay Doge23676 sat 10 minFaucetpay
free faucet BNBfree faucet BNB24 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Free faucetFree faucet0.06 SOL 60 minFaucetpay
Coins FaucetCoins Faucet233 sat 5 minFaucetpay
JupiterFaucetJupiterFaucet2 sat 60 minFaucetpay
HONEY FAUCETS APPHONEY FAUCETS APP3 sat 10 minFaucetpay | Earn Free | Earn Free Crypto187 sat 5 minFaucetpay
StationBit $0.0012 / ZCASHStationBit $0.0012 / ZCASH336 sat 2 minFaucetpay
StationBit $0.0012 / USDTStationBit $0.0012 / USDT13157 sat 2 minFaucetpay
StationBit $0.0012 / SOLANAStationBit $0.0012 / SOLANA1081 sat 2 minFaucetpay
StationBit $0.0012 / TRONStationBit $0.0012 / TRON251616 sat 2 minFaucetpay
StationBit $0.0012 / LTCStationBit $0.0012 / LTC184 sat 2 minFaucetpay
StationBit $0.0012 / FEYORRAStationBit $0.0012 / FEYORRA0.02 SOL 2 minFaucetpay
StationBit $0.0012 / DIGIBYTEStationBit $0.0012 / DIGIBYTE0.02 SOL 2 minFaucetpay
StationBit $0.0012 / DOGEStationBit $0.0012 / DOGE171072 sat 2 minFaucetpay
StationBit $0.0012 / DASHStationBit $0.0012 / DASH215 sat 2 minFaucetpay
Topfaucet.clickTopfaucet.click768030 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Kalifaucet.siteKalifaucet.site0.01 SOL 1 minFaucetpay
Crypto MakerCrypto Maker0.03 SOL 3 minFaucetpay
DogeClaimDogeClaim22538 sat 1 minFaucetpay
BiteFaucetBiteFaucet0.03 SOL 2 minFaucetpay
ClaimClicks SOLClaimClicks SOL2052 sat 2 minFaucetpay
BCH faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comBCH faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com0 sat 5 minFaucetpay
DASH faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comDASH faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com0 sat 5 minFaucetpay
DGB faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comDGB faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com5542 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Zcash faucet___/\___ Ethiomi.comZcash faucet___/\___ Ethiomi.com0 sat 5 minFaucetpay
FaucetpaynowFaucetpaynow6 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Gwaher CoinsGwaher Coins827933 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Cryptoshi - Multicoin AutofaucetCryptoshi - Multicoin Autofaucet132300 sat 1 minFaucetpay
CoinsRev - Free CoinsCoinsRev - Free Coins1 sat 10 minFaucetpay
ClaimLTC.xyzClaimLTC.xyz687 sat 5 minFaucetpay
No Timer Faucet SOLNo Timer Faucet SOL228 sat 0 secFaucetpay
sniper.satoshi-hunter.xyzsniper.satoshi-hunter.xyz67 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Faraz Faucets UnlimitedFaraz Faucets Unlimited0.02 SOL 5 minFaucetpay
No Wait No Limit SOLNo Wait No Limit SOL161 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Solana Faucet __/\__ Ethiomi.comSolana Faucet __/\__ Ethiomi.com8 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Cryptofy - Multicoin AutofaucetCryptofy - Multicoin Autofaucet26673 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Lemeclaim - Multicoin AutofaucetLemeclaim - Multicoin Autofaucet68968 sat 1 minFaucetpay
KiddyEarnerKiddyEarner3080 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Cryptoclaim - The AutofaucetCryptoclaim - The Autofaucet3021 sat 1 minFaucetpay
WaterFall.MoneyWaterFall.Money15763 sat 60 minFaucetpay
InstapopInstapop1825 sat 60 minFaucetpay
FreeSolana.topFreeSolana.top239429 sat 5 minFaucetpay
LG FAUCETLG FAUCET0.21 SOL 1 minFaucetpay
CryptoFuture - MultiCoin FaucetCryptoFuture - MultiCoin Faucet1 sat 5 minFaucetpay
CLAIM DOGE--Claim 0.01 Doge/MinCLAIM DOGE--Claim 0.01 Doge/Min324800 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Monitor faucetMonitor faucet5 sat 1440 minFaucetpay (UnlimitedClaims) (UnlimitedClaims)584300 sat 0 secFaucetpay
FAUCETPAY.MY.IDFAUCETPAY.MY.ID480840 sat 0 secFaucetpay
DashcoinDashcoin50 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Free SOLANA TOP#1Free SOLANA TOP#1167838 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Grab-a-Coin FaucetGrab-a-Coin Faucet57350 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Lemon Bitcoin Faucet - AppLemon Bitcoin Faucet - App1 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Tron-Free | 100% Ref CommissionTron-Free | 100% Ref Commission1824 sat 5 minFaucetpay
BNB faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comBNB faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com1 sat 5 minFaucetpay
MixbitsMixbits260 sat 60 minFaucetpay
FaucetSpeedFaucetSpeed262 sat 0 secFaucetpay
High Pay faucet ( Pay faucet ( sat 2 minFaucetpay
Free Solana - 25% Balance bonus!Free Solana - 25% Balance bonus!14879 sat 2 minFaucetpay
faucet-click.onlinefaucet-click.online1 sat 10 minFaucetpay
EARN TRON TRX 50% REFEARN TRON TRX 50% REF6564 sat 15 minFaucetpay | All | All Criptos2 sat 0 secFaucetpay
CLAIM TRXCLAIM TRX700000 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Claim Unlimited Tron No TimerClaim Unlimited Tron No Timer52242 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Moon Faucet AppsMoon Faucet Apps27789 sat 60 minFaucetpay All All Coins379 sat 5 minFaucetpay sat 3 minFaucetpay
Crypto minersCrypto miners53319 sat 60 minFaucetpay
ClickEarn.Live - PtcClickEarn.Live - Ptc18 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Best Tron Earning Platform - 2xBest Tron Earning Platform - 2x24793 sat 0 secFaucetpay
s424162.ha003.t.justs424162.ha003.t.just1 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Free LiteCoin Faucet Earn LTC 2xFree LiteCoin Faucet Earn LTC 2x71 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Claim Free SOLClaim Free SOL6845 sat 0 secFaucetpay
faucet-click.rufaucet-click.ru1 sat 10 minFaucetpay
faucetshort.rufaucetshort.ru1 sat 4 minFaucetpay
SupersharesSupershares661 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Kiddy Faucet - Earn Tron | TRXKiddy Faucet - Earn Tron | TRX127763 sat 0 secFaucetpay
ShtFly - URL ShortenerShtFly - URL Shortener0 sat 2 minFaucetpay
Tage Coin BCHTage Coin BCH47 sat 1 minFaucetpay
faucetshort.onlinefaucetshort.online1 sat 5 minFaucetpay Faucet715 sat 2 minFaucetpay SOL 3 minFaucetpay
LiteEarn Premium Faucet %50 RefLiteEarn Premium Faucet %50 Ref128752 sat 1 minFaucetpay
FaucetDoguecoin - NoTimerFaucetDoguecoin - NoTimer15112 sat 0 secFaucetpay
99Faucet99Faucet4913 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Crypto-Farms - High PayCrypto-Farms - High Pay0.34 SOL 5 minFaucetpay
Earn More CryptoEarn More Crypto1 sat 5 minFaucetpay
My Cut iD | Free Url PaidMy Cut iD | Free Url Paid464 sat 60 minFaucetpay
1Faucet- Claim Free Bitcoin1Faucet- Claim Free Bitcoin3 sat 30 minFaucetpay
Best AutofaucetBest Autofaucet168 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Vessper Faucet LitecoinVessper Faucet Litecoin554 sat 30 minFaucetpay
Multicoin faucet | SOLANAMulticoin faucet | SOLANA1386 sat 3 minFaucetpay
Vessper Faucet EthereumVessper Faucet Ethereum34 sat 30 minFaucetpay
Vessper Faucet TronVessper Faucet Tron140000 sat 30 minFaucetpay
Vessper Faucet BitcoinCashVessper Faucet BitcoinCash78 sat 30 minFaucetpay
Vessper Faucet DashVessper Faucet Dash193 sat 30 minFaucetpay
Vessper Faucet DigiByteVessper Faucet DigiByte888000 sat 30 minFaucetpay
Vessper Faucet UsdtVessper Faucet Usdt6100 sat 30 minFaucetpay
Faucet Haxina ~ Earn Crypto 2022Faucet Haxina ~ Earn Crypto 20228 sat 1 minFaucetpay
MoonCoins.TopMoonCoins.Top1324 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Solana Free faucetSolana Free faucet4983 sat 5 minFaucetpay
SOL faucet ___/\___faucetcryptoSOL faucet ___/\___faucetcrypto3277 sat 7 minFaucetpay
MS - 50000 sat - 2min - 300/dayMS - 50000 sat - 2min - 300/day1492 sat 2 minFaucetpay sat 0 secFaucetpay
CrypTaskCrypTask5 sat 3 minFaucetpay
FunCryptoFaucet.comFunCryptoFaucet.com463 sat 30 minFaucetpay
coinfreecoinfree1865 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Picomine.comPicomine.com61 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Vessper Faucet ZcashVessper Faucet Zcash165 sat 30 minFaucetpay
CuteSOLCuteSOL134 sat 1440 minFaucetpay
Bitcoin Faucet | TagecoinBitcoin Faucet | Tagecoin1 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Ethereum Faucet | TagecoinEthereum Faucet | Tagecoin2 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Doge Faucet | TagecoinDoge Faucet | Tagecoin70091 sat 1 minFaucetpay
litecoin Faucet | Tagecoinlitecoin Faucet | Tagecoin82 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Tron Faucet | TagecoinTron Faucet | Tagecoin123996 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Solana Faucet | TagecoinSolana Faucet | Tagecoin129 sat 3 minFaucetpay
Tage Coin DASHTage Coin DASH146 sat 1 minFaucetpay sat 0 secFaucetpay
El FaucetEl Faucet4117 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Earn CryptoEarn Crypto39938 sat 0 secFaucetpay
frecoinsfrecoins3044 sat 3 minFaucetpay
RNCRYPTO (0.00125000 Tron/Claim)RNCRYPTO (0.00125000 Tron/Claim)6683 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Free LTC Miner - Mrlitecoin.inFree LTC Miner - Mrlitecoin.in16362 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Take Clicks faucetTake Clicks faucet2 sat 1 minFaucetpay
## CLAIM BIT | 22 Cryptos## CLAIM BIT | 22 Cryptos128 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Crypto4yuCrypto4yu1351 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Shortlink web CuanShortlink web Cuan4 sat 0 secFaucetpay
LuckyDice.netLuckyDice.net372 sat 15 minFaucetpay
Bit Faucet - Earn TRX UnlimitedBit Faucet - Earn TRX Unlimited61247 sat 0 secFaucetpay
CryptoFuture - LTC - ShortlinkCryptoFuture - LTC - Shortlink1073 sat 0 secFaucetpay
TronoshiTronoshi0.04 SOL 0 secFaucetpay
Fury FaucetFury Faucet655583 sat 5 minFaucetpay
WorldAirdrops/SOL.comWorldAirdrops/SOL.com319 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Free Tron No Limit - 50x ProfitFree Tron No Limit - 50x Profit69023 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Free Tron Miner - Mrtron.inFree Tron Miner - Mrtron.in0.35 SOL 5 minFaucetpay
Crypto News King Android AppCrypto News King Android App5 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Free ClicksFree Clicks47204 sat 2 minFaucetpay
Free BCH FaucetFree BCH Faucet50 sat 10 minFaucetpay
Free Dash FaucetFree Dash Faucet172 sat 10 minFaucetpay
Crypto News Royale Android AppCrypto News Royale Android App4 sat 5 minFaucetpay | | SOL312 sat 1 minFaucetpay
every 1 minute 25000 Satoshievery 1 minute 25000 Satoshi4820 sat 1 minFaucetpay
FreeLitecoin.vipFreeLitecoin.vip5026 sat 1 minFaucetpay
BitmafiaBitmafia11 sat 60 minFaucetpay
every 1 minute 24000 Satoshievery 1 minute 24000 Satoshi989 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Cryptos FPCryptos FP47213 sat 2 minFaucetpay
Free TRXFree TRX47212 sat 2 minFaucetpay
Free FPFree FP47057 sat 2 minFaucetpay
Cryptoinsly - Free doge FaucetCryptoinsly - Free doge Faucet6985 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Cryptoinsly - Free LTC FaucetCryptoinsly - Free LTC Faucet44 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Cryptoinsly - Free ETH FaucetCryptoinsly - Free ETH Faucet4 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Cryptoinsly - Free BCH FaucetCryptoinsly - Free BCH Faucet14 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Cryptoinsly - Free DASH FaucetCryptoinsly - Free DASH Faucet97 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Cryptoinsly - Free DGB FaucetCryptoinsly - Free DGB Faucet45050 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Cryptoinsly - Free USDT FaucetCryptoinsly - Free USDT Faucet12322 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Cryptoinsly - Free ZEC FaucetCryptoinsly - Free ZEC Faucet49 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Cryptoinsly - Free BNB FaucetCryptoinsly - Free BNB Faucet13 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Cryptoinsly - Free FEY FaucetCryptoinsly - Free FEY Faucet382501 sat 5 minFaucetpay | Claim | Claim Coins1 sat 3 minFaucetpay
pennyearner.compennyearner.com176 sat 30 minFaucetpay
prince777prince777123 sat 15 minFaucetpay
cryptosway.xyzcryptosway.xyz113 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Cryptoinsly - Free TRX FaucetCryptoinsly - Free TRX Faucet40250 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Mixfaucet.xyzMixfaucet.xyz81650 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Claim Coins - Free TRX UnlimitedClaim Coins - Free TRX Unlimited48760 sat 0 secFaucetpay
CashEmpireCashEmpire193591 sat 1 minFaucetpay - High pay - High pay Faucet1 sat 5 minFaucetpay
KiddyPay.WinKiddyPay.Win0.27 SOL 0 secFaucetpay
Free TRON TRON sat 0 secFaucetpay - Free Dogecoin - Free Dogecoin miner0.04 SOL 5 minFaucetpay
btccolletorbtccolletor18 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Tribuncrypto.comTribuncrypto.com245458 sat 5 minFaucetpay
SolFaucetSolFaucet343 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Dgxmine.comDgxmine.com10.77 SOL 1 minFaucetpay
UP TO 0.01 USDT EVERY CLAIMUP TO 0.01 USDT EVERY CLAIM15578 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Flash EarnFlash Earn116682 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Viva faucetViva faucet0.03 SOL 5 minFaucetpay
Moon Crypto Faucet (.ml)Moon Crypto Faucet (.ml)177 sat 2 minFaucetpay
Faucet LabFaucet Lab1 sat 15 minFaucetpay
DOGE25 FaucetDOGE25 Faucet239157 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Free FaucetFree Faucet47214 sat 2 minFaucetpay
Faucet ClaimerFaucet Claimer47217 sat 2 minFaucetpay
fp Fauset don't touch my Dogefp Fauset don't touch my Doge204506 sat 60 minFaucetpay
every 1 minute 2500 Satoshievery 1 minute 2500 Satoshi473 sat 1 minFaucetpay -Free Bitcoin -Free Bitcoin Miner16 sat 5 minFaucetpay
KiddyPay.Win - New Earning SiteKiddyPay.Win - New Earning Site0.01 SOL 0 secFaucetpay
GZ FAUCETGZ FAUCET0 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Earn Unlimited TRON - Free TRXEarn Unlimited TRON - Free TRX66623 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Free TRX Faucet - No ShortlinkFree TRX Faucet - No Shortlink73276 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Free Tron Faucet- kiddy2x.funFree Tron Faucet- kiddy2x.fun66283 sat 0 secFaucetpay
every 1 minute 30000 Satoshievery 1 minute 30000 Satoshi2645 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Topadcoin.comTopadcoin.com59 sat 10 minFaucetpay
EarnSolanaEarnSolana236 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Claim Free CoinsClaim Free Coins2 sat 1 minFaucetpay
G4Z CASHG4Z CASH4 sat 2 minFaucetpay
faucet.manofadan.comfaucet.manofadan.com91 sat 3 minFaucetpay
Free DGB no ShortlinkFree DGB no Shortlink138817 sat 10 minFaucetpay
Best Claim Doge FaucetBest Claim Doge Faucet125843 sat 0 secFaucetpay
CashBux BNB FaucetCashBux BNB Faucet36 sat 0 secFaucetpay
CashBux Solana FaucetCashBux Solana Faucet752 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Best Claim TRX FaucetBest Claim TRX Faucet251845 sat 0 secFaucetpay
CashBux LTC FaucetCashBux LTC Faucet162 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Claim 13 Currency in 10 SECONDClaim 13 Currency in 10 SECOND9 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Free USDT CloudMiningFree USDT CloudMining199999 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Soltoshindo FaucetSoltoshindo FaucetNew992919 sat 3 minFaucetpay
DogefreeDogefree4202 sat 10 minFaucetpay
MyFreeCoin.TK - Android FaucetMyFreeCoin.TK - Android Faucet185 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Paybits-100x Boost AutoFaucetPaybits-100x Boost AutoFaucet27844 sat 60 minFaucetpay
120K SOL @ https://faucet.quest120K SOL @ https://faucet.quest0.01 SOL 1 minFaucetpay
Free TRX Every MinutesFree TRX Every Minutes0.25 SOL 1 minFaucetpay
Free Tron mining |SKYFree Tron mining |SKY2.79 SOL 1 minFaucetpay
Free Doge mining |SKYFree Doge mining |SKYNew880930 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Unlimited.Kiddypay.WinUnlimited.Kiddypay.WinNew85621 sat 0 secFaucetpay
**** Free miner ******** Free miner ****0.02 SOL 5 minFaucetpay
GZ2Link - Paid URL ShortenerGZ2Link - Paid URL Shortener0 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Faucet twoFaucet twoNew248 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Claimlite(Cpx,Bitlabs,Timewall)Claimlite(Cpx,Bitlabs,Timewall)711190 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Addi Bloger - Claim BTC no popupAddi Bloger - Claim BTC no popupNew2 sat 60 minFaucetpay
100% Reff Claim Every minutes100% Reff Claim Every minutesNew4506 sat 1 minFaucetpay
solanazsolanazNew24 sat 1 minFaucetpay
CLAIM 13 COIN NO TIMER ALTCOINCLAIM 13 COIN NO TIMER ALTCOIN9 sat 1 minFaucetpay - 1000 - 1000 satoshi890 sat 3 minFaucetpay
No Min Payout/Every 5 SecondsNo Min Payout/Every 5 Seconds100 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Claime Sol&TRX/50% Ref comisClaime Sol&TRX/50% Ref comisNew9358 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Coin MFM - Cloud MiningCoin MFM - Cloud Mining7.11 SOL 0 secFaucetpay
1XEARN1XEARN13799 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Unlimited DogecoinUnlimited DogecoinNew55200 sat 0 secFaucetpay
CLAIMTO FAUCETS Ref: 50%CLAIMTO FAUCETS Ref: 50%New39 sat 30 minFaucetpay
HONEY FAUCETS Ref: 30%HONEY FAUCETS Ref: 30%New0 sat 30 minFaucetpay
fovafovaNew818 sat 60 minFaucetpay
Unlimited Litecoin ClaimUnlimited Litecoin ClaimNew523 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Claim 14 satoshi every 1 minClaim 14 satoshi every 1 minNew6 sat 1 minFaucetpay
EtCoin - Free MinerEtCoin - Free Miner1 sat 5 minFaucetpay
Cuan.WinCuan.Win44 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Multifaucet OurcoincashMultifaucet OurcoincashNew248093 sat 0 secFaucetpay
AllFaucet no timer and unlimitedAllFaucet no timer and unlimitedNew1211 sat 0 secFaucetpay
FlashFaucetFlashFaucetNew100810 sat 0 secFaucetpay
Claim 12455 solana every 1 minClaim 12455 solana every 1 minNew6190 sat 1 minFaucetpay | Money All | Money All CoinsNew153676 sat 0 secFaucetpay
100% Reff Claim Every Minutes100% Reff Claim Every Minutes2.21 SOL 1 minFaucetpay
0.01 DGB no timer no shortlink0.01 DGB no timer no shortlink129997 sat 1 minFaucetpay
crypto manofadancrypto manofadan314 sat 2 minFaucetpay
Topfaucet.xyzTopfaucet.xyz1985 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Tagecoin |Tron MiningTagecoin |Tron Mining4096 sat 1 minFaucetpay
Tagecoin | Tron MiningTagecoin | Tron Mining2.67 SOL 0 secFaucetpay
This Solana Faucetlist was last updated on 2022/11/26 21:01:25

Disclaimer: We do not recommend any of the website on the list. We're not related or in a direct partnership with ANY of them except OUR FAUCET. Please take note and do your personal research including reading reviews online before you USE or invest in any website.
NOTE: Crypto faucets do not require you deposit or mine more coins. If a website is asking you to deposit, it's most likely a SCAM We are not financial advisors and will not be responsible for your loss.

What is a Solana faucet?

Earn with Faucets

A crypto faucet is an app or a website that distributes small amounts of cryptocurrencies as a reward for completing easy tasks. They’re given the name “faucets'' because the rewards are small, just like small drops of water dripping from a leaky faucet. However, in the case of crypto faucets, tiny amounts of free or earned cryptocurrency are sent to a user’s wallet. In order to get free crypto, users need to complete tasks as simple as viewing ads, watching product videos, completing quizzes, clicking links (be careful!) or completing a captcha.

The term comes from the English language area and means: FAUCET = water tap or tap. Faucets have been a legit way of getting free crypto online for many years, and they have gained popularity with the boom in crypto currencies.

How do Solana Faucets Work?

The operation of a crypto faucet is mainly based on finishing simple tasks as well as participating in established activities. The faucet website can fix the rewards and can set a timelock for users to claim the rewards. Usually, users need to register on a crypto faucet by entering their details along with the wallet address. After solving a task on the website, the reward earned goes to a micro wallet — a wallet similar to traditional wallets, but one which is capable of collecting small amounts of crypto assets. For most crypto faucets, micro wallets are automatically created upon signing up.

How are Solana Faucets financed?

The site operators finance themselves by presenting advertising banners on the pages. Currently, these are mostly references to other faucets or other providers from the Bitcoin world. It would be inconceivable if large companies were to appear here at some point with thick marketing budgets. Apart from banner advertising, there are also games, where the payment is based more on the basic costs of playing a game and the chances of winning a jackpot or high scores. Furthermore there are also lotteries, which are organized among the users.

Where is the hook with the Faucets? How safe are they anyway?

Not everything is legitimate when it comes to offering free rewards, many use this as a tool to scam users. Some crypto faucet owners refuse to pay the users even though they make loads of money for getting the ads clicked Also there are many scams running under the hood of crypto faucets where they log users out of their website or app once the payment threshold is reached.

So do your homework before lending your priceless time to such scamming portals and if you notice anyone fooling around report and spread the awareness among the community.

Should you use a Solana crypto faucet?

It all comes down to the time you have and your experience with the cryptocurrency market. If you are already an experienced crypto investor who understands the market and spends quite a lot of time studying it, then crypto faucets are not for you. On the other hand, if you are a college student who browses the Internet a lot and wants to invest in a cryptocurrency but hasn’t done so before – then a crypto faucet is the perfect option.

Why we recommend a crypto faucet is – if you are spending large amounts of time playing video games or surfing the Internet anyway, then why not get paid in cryptocurrency for it? This way, you’ll have your hands on some actual cryptocurrency without spending a dollar buying it. You can then invest this cryptocurrency in the market to see what happens and understand how the cryptocurrency market works.