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Top And Paying Crypto TRX Faucets

Top and Paying Tron (TRX) Faucets (August 2022)

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of easy Tron Coin (TRX)  faucets we’ve used and confirmed working and paying in August 2022. While we are not in direct partnership with them, we may receive a certain referral bonus – no registration is required to use any of the Faucets.

Top And Paying Crypto TRON (TRX) Faucets (August 2022)

A crypto faucet lets users earn small crypto rewards by completing simple tasks. The metaphor is based on how even one drop of water from a leaky faucet could eventually fill up a cup. There are various kinds of crypto faucets, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tron Coin (TRX), and Binance Coin (BNB) faucets.

How to claim free TRX

To claim free TRX on any of the faucets below, you need to have an account with Faucetpay.io (Click on the link to signup an account)

Grab your Faucetpay TRX wallet address from the Faucetpay wallet page.

Visit any of the Faucet and paste your wallet address in the address field.

Click on the claim, solve the captcha (to prove you’re not a bot) then submit

Congrats, your reward has been sent to your Faucetpay account and you can see it there

Repeat the process after the wait time.

Faucet NameRewardPopUp
Ethiomi 300000 and 320000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
CoinsRev400000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
CryptooSite100000 to 120000 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
TageCoin312342 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
Qpcrypto100000-120000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
FesCrypto50000-100000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
UnlimitedTRX 70000-100000 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
BitcoinCuba90000-100000 satoshi every minuteNo
ClaimTRX120000 satoshi every minuteNo
ClaimToken766400 satoshi every MinuteNo
BeClaim152000 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
ClickTRX50000-125000 satoshi every minuteNo
HeraFaucet290000 satoshi every 10 minuteNo
FlyFaucet20000 and 120000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
Swift4Claim60000 satoshi every minuteNo
DailyClaimTRX100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
StarCoins100000 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
FaucetGoodself 50861 and 200197 satoshi every minuteNo
SatoshiWin100000 to 250000 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
FaucetClick103627-116580 satoshi every 10 minuteNo
StationBit766401 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
TrxEzyro350000 satoshi every 0 minutes.No
FreeCryptolist 100000 and 145000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
Zetsuboes37792 satoshi every 5 minutes.Yes
ClaimTo151000 every 30 minutesNo
Faucethub40000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
HoneyFaucets151000 satoshi every 30 minutesNo
FcDoge 800000 satoshi every 3 minutesNo
PureBTC227349 satoshi every 15 minutesNo
MultiClaim438000 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
NoTimerFaucet2000000 satoshi every 0 minutesNo
FreeFaucet10000 and 50000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
StormCoins100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
AllFaucets7597 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
Bep20Faucet522122 satoshi every minuteNo
HighFree100000 satoshi every 2 minuteYes
Hasit30599-175946 satoshi every 29 minutes.No
CryptoShower1510483 satoshi every 2 minutes.No
HighlyTRX100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
FreeCoiny603582 satoshi every minuteNo
Cryptofp100000 satoshi every 2 minuteYes
CrazyPay100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
FreeFaucetPay10000 and 40000 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
TRXkings100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
HighlyPaying100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
CryptoOnly100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
RnCrypto113048 satoshi every minuteNo
HighCrypto100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
Bellscryptos200000 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
FreeCoiny 604320 satoshi every minuteYes
Highlypay100000 satoshi every 2 minuteNo
CliamTrxFree87523 satoshi every minuteNo

Requirements to Earn Free Tron Coin (TRX)

You do not need extra skills, knowledge, or money to earn from any of the above Faucets, you only need:

  • Faucetpay.io account
  • Internet connection
  • Your mobile or desktop device

Note that most faucets do not allow proxy/VPN – so if you have one active on your device or inbuilt in your browser, you should disable it before claiming.

Happy Earning.


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