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Top and Paying Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Faucets August 2022

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Faucet is a new model site for users to claim Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for free, which helps raise people’s awareness of holding cryptocurrency.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of easy BCH faucets that we’ve made use of, and confirmed working and paying in August 2022. Although we are not in direct partnership with them, we may receive a certain referral bonus – and no registration is required to use any of the Faucets.

How to claim free Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

To claim free BCH on any of the faucets below, you need to have an account with Faucetpay.io (Click on the link to signup an account)

Copy your BCH wallet address from the Faucetpay wallet page.

Visit any of the Faucet listed below and paste your wallet address in the address field.

Proceed to click on the claim, solve the captcha (to prove you’re not a bot) then submit

Congratulations, your reward has been sent to your Faucetpay account and you can check to see it there

Repeat the process after the wait time.

FAucet NameRewardsPopUps
DiamondFaucet233 BCHs every 6 minutes.No
ClaimFreeCoin400 satoshi every 5 minsNo
CryptoFun200 satoshi every 5 minutes No
FreeBCH0.00000155 BCH every 6 minutesNo
Bitcoincash387 -774 satoshi every 10 minutes.No
Turbo100 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
Kerantrx55 satoshi every 0 minutes.No
Faucetbr0.00000400 Bitcoin-Cash per minuteNo
Starcoins100 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
FaucetPot1-150 satoshi ever minuteNo
Faucet-click69-138 satoshi every 10 minuteNo
CryptoFuture100-500 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
MultiClaim 2243 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
CryptooSite30-100 satoshi every 2 minuteYes
ClaimMultiCoin200 satoshi every minuteNo
AllFaucets4 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
FreeCryptolist100 satoshi every 10 minutesNo
Ethiomi10-50 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
RapCrypto78 satoshi every 3 minute/s.No
BchFaucets150-500 satoshi every minuteNo
ClaimProCoin88 satoshi every minuteNo
ForumCoin51 satoshi every minuteNo
CryptoForu195 satoshi every 3 minuteNo
ClaimTo 774 satoshis every 30 minutes.No
NinjaFaucet400 satoshi every 5 minuteNo
Qpcrypto10-50 satoshi every 5 minutesNo
TageCoin15-50 satoshi every 2 minutesNo
FaucetEarn60 satoshi every 3 minuteNo
NoTimerFaucet400 satoshi every minuteYes
CryptoFans15 sat BCH every
1 Minutes.

Requirements to Earn Free BCH

Earning free BCH does not require extra skills, knowledge, or money to earn from any of the above Faucets, you will only need:

  • Faucetpay.io account
  • Internet connection
  • Your mobile or desktop device

Note that most faucets do not allow proxy/VPN – so if you have one active on your device or inbuilt in your browser, you should disable it before claiming.

Happy Earning.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a form of cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin Cash was a fork of Bitcoin as a result of a chain split when a certain group of Bitcoin developers became dissatisfied with Bitcoin’s overall scalability direction.

In November 2018, the Bitcoin Cash community would later further split into Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV via another hard fork. The latter camp, supported by Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre proposed a competing software version called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision that would take the block size limit further to 128MB.

On November 15th, 2020 the Bitcoin Cash experienced another hard fork. The forked occured on block #661647 have led to the launch of Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA). The Bitcoin Cash ABC network includes a miners’ tax where 8% of the mining rewards will be distributed to the BCHA developers as financing for protocol development.

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